Friday, 14 July 2017

Diamond Clarity

This post is about diamond clarity. It is part 3, of our diamond education series. Also check our posts on diamond cut and diamond color.

What Is Diamond Clarity? 
Diamonds are formed under intense pressure so they have some natural flaws called inclusions. The amount of inclusions present defines the clarity of a diamond. There are different types of inclusions such as crystals, clouds, feathers, etc. The location of the inclusions, the amount and the type of inclusion plays an important role in the diamond's ability to sparkle.

How Clarity Is Graded?

Gemological labs like the GIA and AGS assign clarity grades based on the number and size of inclusions a diamond has. Let's look at the GIA clarity grade scale. It starts with FL and goes down to I. FL being flawless diamonds without any inclusions. Diamonds start to show more and more inclusions as the scale moves towards I. IF stands for internally flawless. VVS stands for very very slightly included, VS stands for very slightly included, SI is for slightly included while I stands for included. Diamonds are inspected at 10X magnification to determine their clarity grade.

How Do Grades Affect Prices?
Now, obviously, FL and IF diamonds are the most expensive diamonds. But, they are not the only clarity grades you should consider while choosing a diamond. To choose a beautiful diamond that also fits your budget, you have to understand the grading process.

Diamonds are assigned grades by experienced gemologists examining these diamonds under 10 times magnification. To the untrained naked eye, it's actually quite difficult to tell one grade apart from another. So, without magnification an FL diamond may look the same as VVS2 but the price difference between these two is thousands of dollars. Diamonds in the VS or even SI grades are great options to get a beautiful diamond on a budget.

Choose the best diamonds within your budget with these ideas.


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