Monday 25 January 2016

Ideas for DIY Valentine's Day Cards

DIY Valentine's Day cards are a wonderful way to express yourself on the day of love. A handmade Valentine's Day card is the perfect alternative to a generic store-bought one and is sure to make your sweetheart's day when accompanied by a thoughtful gift. Here are some great ideas for making handmade cards for Valentines.

1. DIY cards for Valentine's Day made with Heart Cutouts

Craft punches that punch out perfectly shaped hearts are easily available in craft stores and online. Get a few punches in different sizes to make a bunch of DIY Valentine's Day cards within minutes. You can make heart cutouts from colorful cardstock, patterned scrapbook paper or even recycle old magazines. If you would like your cards to be a little offbeat, choose papers in colors other than red or pink. Pastel shades of green or blue are a good alternative to the traditional Valentine's Day color scheme.

Once you have your cutouts ready, you can make various patterns and designs with them. One cute idea is to make hot air balloons with your heart cutouts. Draw a simple hot air balloon on a blank card and then instead of the 'balloon', paste a heart. If you're not good at sketching, you can download a free image and then paste your heart. Finish the card by adding a caption like "Your love makes my heart soar" under the hot air balloon.

Another idea is a simple sketch of an envelop. Sketch it with the flap open and then paste your heart cutouts around it. Add a caption "sending you my love" underneath. You can also fold a tiny paper envelop instead of sketching one, if you're feeling 'crafty'. This handmade Valentine's Day Card is a great idea if you're in a long-distance relationship and your Valentine is far away.

Heart cutouts are also perfect for making DIY Valentine's Day Cards for kids. If your kids exchange Valentine's Day cards in class, you can whip up a dozen or so DIY cards for Valentine's Day in one afternoon. Let the kids punch hearts from colorful cardstock paper. After, make miniature paper heart garlands with these cutouts and some string or baker's twine. Glue these garlands on blank cards. This is a great activity that will the keep the kids engaged for hours. Let them use cardstock in different colors and patterns. This is also a mess-free craft activity as the kids use paper punches and glue sticks to make their cards. Buy a stack of blank cards and matching envelops so the kids don't have to use scissors. These blank cards are easily available online or in art supply stores.

2. DIY Valentine's Day Cards made with embellishments

Most Valentine's Day cards are flat or two dimensional. You can make interesting DIY cards for Valentine's Day with embellishments like scrabble tiles. A simple "I love you" message spelled out with scrabble tiles on a blank card makes a heartfelt handmade Valentine's Day card. You can also make these cards with jewelry charms. Simply use strong glue or double-sided tape to adhere charms or tiles to the blank card.

Another idea for handmade cards for Valentine's day with 3D embellishments include using heart-shaped candy. Get a bunch of heart shaped lollipops and paste them on a blank card with double-sided tape. Draw some leaves around the  lollipop sticks and add the caption, "our love keeps growing" underneath. Wrap the candy in transparent cellophane or cling wrap before pasting it on the card. Send these cards to people with a sweet tooth and who appreciate puns.

You can also use puzzle pieces to make simple yet charming handmade cards for Valentine's Day. Paste two puzzle pieces that fit on a blank card. With a marker, add the caption "You're my missing piece" underneath.

3. Artsy DIY cards for Valentine's Day

If you're good at sketching, you can make draw adorable caricatures of you and your partner. These sketches don't have to be elaborate, simple stick figures can also make heartfelt cards. Use a blank white card for the best effect. Check video tutorials available online which show step-by-step instructions on how to draw. You can also look up simple sketches online as inspiration before beginning. This card will be truly special as you made it from scratch. If it turns out well, you can have the card framed as a token of a special day.

Cards with watercolor artwork are also wonderful if you're good with the medium.

All these ideas for a handmade Valentine's Day Card are a lot of fun besides being easy to make. If you plan to make a bunch of these card to give your loved ones, get a stack of blank cards from an art supply store. They are available in a range of colors and you can also get the matching envelops. These cards are also a lot of fun to make with kids. Be sure to use glue sticks or glue dots to avoid making a mess.

Have a happy and handmade Valentine's Day with these tips.


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