Monday, 4 November 2019

Citrine: The Warm-Hued Birthstone of Chilly November

Available in earthy tones of yellow, brown and orange, Citrine, the birthstone for the month of November, is the perfect choice for adding subtle sparkle to your fall wardrobe. November may be a chilly month but the warm hues of citrine are sure to cheer up lucky November-born ladies.

Citrine is a type of quartz and the traces of iron found in the quartz crystals are responsible for the yellow undertones. It often occurs in geodes along with other quartz like amethysts. The name citrine comes from the French word, Citrine which means lemon. This sunny gemstone has an interesting history as people believed it was capable of soothing tempers and granting prosperity. The Greeks carved images into citrine while the Egyptians used them as talismans.

As fascinating as may be the history of citrine, we love it for its brilliant hues ranging from pale yellow to glowing orange. The lovely shades of citrine are beautifully showcased in this gorgeous pendant. Three gemstones in graduating sizes and different shades are set beautifully to achieve an ombre effect. The 14K yellow gold pendant perfectly complements the warm tones of the citrines.

Besides November birthday boys and girls, citrine jewelry is also given as gift on the 13th anniversary. If it is a (lucky) 13th wedding anniversary gift that you are looking for, we would recommend the citrine ring from our collection. Featuring three citrines in two fascinating shades, this ring is also accented by six sparkling diamonds. The two reddish side stones are called ‘Madeira’ citrine because the vibrant shade resembles the red of Madeira wine. The 14K yellow gold mounting adds to the beauty of this three stone gemstone ring.

Citrine measures 7 on the MOHS scale that quantifies the hardness of gemstones. This means that with reasonable care, citrine jewelry can be used on a daily basis as the gemstone can withstand the wear and tear of regular use. We think this cushion cut citrine pendant would be perfect for brightening fall outfits. The gemstone is set in a secure bezel making it ideal for everyday use.

The sunshine-y gemstone gained quite a popularity in the 1920s and featured in a lot of Art Deco jewelry. The vivid shades juxtaposed beautifully with the angular lines of Art Deco masterpieces. Hollywood icons like Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford favored citrine jewelry. We think some of that old world elegance is reflected in this citrine and peridot ring. Featuring two emerald cut peridots and an emerald cut citrine, this ring is set in 14K yellow gold.

If you have your heart set on citrine, here are some tips to care for your citrine jewelry. It is always a good idea to store citrine or any other gemstone jewelry separate from loose diamonds or diamond jewelry or any other material that may scratch it. And although it was believed to be a gift from the sun, citrine should be protected from direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause the bright gemstone to fade.When cleaning your citrine jewelry, use mild soap and water and be sure to let it dry completely. Start your love affair with citrine here!
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Monday, 16 September 2019

How to Be A Smart Engagement Ring Shopper

When it comes to engagement ring shopping, there are many outdated "rules" that you can ignore. But financing your engagement ring smartly is the one thing you cannot overlook. So, how do you go about being a smart engagement ring shopper? Let's start at the start.

Your Budget
Many factors go into setting a budget for an engagement ring, such as, are you planning on buying a home, what is your wedding budget, what does your dream engagement ring look like. You and your partner need to have an honest, open conversation about it. Only the two of you can decide on the budget. And trust us, there are many stunning engagement ring options for every budget imaginable.

Financing Options
It is always a good idea to know what options you have. Many jewelry retailers, including us, offer our customers financing options to make it simpler to have your dream ring. Check the attractive financing option we offer to see what will be your rate. 

Understand the 4Cs
How well you understand the 4Cs, determines how your ring will look and what it will cost. A well-cut 0.90-carat diamond can look better and perform better than a poorly cut 1-carat diamond and it will be priced lower too.

Is color important to you? You can choose an on-the-lower-end J color grade diamond but go higher in carat weight. A slightly warm diamond can look stunning in a yellow gold or rose gold ring setting. You can make the most of your ring budget when you understand your 4Cs well.

Do Your Research and Go Online
Most shoppers have an idea in their head what ring shopping looks like. They think they have to go into a store and pick a ring from the selection available there. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Ring shopping should actually start with research. What is your dream ring style, what kind of diamond do you want, how can you make the most of your budget. And, you certainly don't have to limit yourself to traditional brick and mortar stores.

Online jewelry stores have access to thousands of diamonds and hundreds of ring designs to choose from. You have a lot more control over the budget and quality of ring when you choose a diamond and ring setting separately.

Future Upgrade 
Here's an option most couples are unaware of: upgrading your diamond in the future. Most online diamond retailers offer an upgrade policy for your diamond. B2C Jewels has a lifetime upgrade policy! You can save and exchange your diamond for a bigger, better diamond, say two to five years from now with this easy upgrade policy.

Check these five options to be the smartest ring shopper you know.

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Monday, 9 September 2019

Engagement Ring Master Class: Everything You Need to Know

We're talking all things engagement rings and today is Part 2 of our engagement ring series. Read Part 1 here to get started on your ring journey.

Now, that you know which diamond you want for your engagement ring, let's talk about the ring itself or the engagement ring setting. Engagement Rings come in many different styles and settings and each has its own unique beauty. Let's talk about the most popular ones.

Solitaire Engagement Rings: This setting has only one diamond on the ring and it is one of the most endearing settings of all times. The diamond can be mounted on the band with prongs or bezel. There can be other design elements such as engraving on the band but the star of the show is the diamond.

Halo Engagement Rings: Halo settings are a design genius! The center diamond is surrounded by a "halo" of smaller diamonds giving the appearance of a bigger diamond.

Side Diamond Engagement Rings: Engagement ring with smaller, accents diamonds on the band are a great choice for people who like the additional sparkle on their engagement ring. 

You can watch our video tutorial to know more. But if your style is unique, you can have your ring custom designed here.

If you are buying an engagement ring for your partner, it is very important to keep her style and personality in mind while choosing the ring. Read our tips on how to choose a ring based on her personality here and also to find her perfect ring size here.

But, we also recommend to not keep the ring design a surprise from her. An engagement ring is a deeply personal choice and also something she is going to wear all the time. We know just how you can keep the proposal a surprise while shopping for the ring together.

Besides being beautiful, it's important that your engagement ring also be functional. We have many tips on how to choose an engagement ring that is lovely and practical.

But, if there's only one thing you'll read today about choosing an engagement ring, watch this video: We give you insider tips that you'll never find anywhere else on how to save on your engagement ring.

Now, you're ready! Get started on your ring journey.

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Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Engagement Ring 101: How Do You Choose Your Engagement Ring?

A sparkling round brilliant diamond in a classic six-prong setting or perhaps a dreamy oval halo on a rose gold bandsome women just know their dream ring, have a Pinterest board dedicated to it and all. But, if you're not one of them, that's okay, we're here to help. In this series of Engagement Ring 101, we'll cover everything from what diamond shape should you choose for your engagement ring to should you inscribe your ring with an inside joke? So, how do you choose your engagement ring? Let's get started.

No. 1: There are NO RULES!
Seriously! This is your ring⁠—get what you want. Do you love color? Maybe, a sparkling yellow diamond is more your thing than a traditional colorless diamond. Perhaps, you prefer a dazzling eternity band to an engagement ring. You do you. We seriously suggest trying on a few styles before deciding on your, the one.

Check some of our unconventional engagement rings here:

What to know more about yellow diamonds? Check this post.  

No. 2: Diamond Shape
Once you have decided on overall your engagement ring or diamond band style, it's time to look at diamond shapes. Every diamond shape performs differently and has its own unique beauty. Check our video tutorial on diamond shapes to know more. 

No. 3 Know your 4Cs. 
This is where you will (and should) spend the most time researching. But, once you know these fundamentals, you're very close to buying your dream engagement ring, we promise!

Start with the diamond cut because the way your diamond looks and performs depends on how well it is cut. And then go through our video tutorials on diamond color and diamond carat.

And then finally take a look at diamond clarity

In the next post, we'll cover engagement ring settings and then you're ready to choose your dream ring! 

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Thursday, 29 August 2019

Gifts for Groomsmen and Best Man Gifts: Ideas, Etiquette and More

The wedding party plays such a big role in making your dream wedding come true so it makes sense that you want to appreciate all that they have done with the perfect gift. Read our tips on picking jewelry and gifts for bridesmaids and the maid of honor here. This post covers the best man and groomsmen. Let's figure out how to thank your groomsmen and best man for standing by your side!

When you start, you have some questions - How much should you spend on your groomsmen gifts?
Does the best man get a different gift than the groomsmen? So when do you give your groomsmen and the best man their gifts? Let's start at the start - How much should you spend on your groomsmen gifts? The answer to this question is never simple and differs for every couple. A good place to start is to look at your wedding budget and then compare it with what the groomsmen and the best man are spending to be a part of the wedding. These are not cardinal rules, merely a place to start.

Does the best man get a different gift than the groomsmen? Most couples prefer to give something special to the best man, after all, he has been doing his job in the months leading up to the wedding. Additionally, the best man (and maid of honor) will be a part of not only your wedding but your life. So, it's a thoughtful gesture to pick out something nice just for him.

When do you give groomsmen and best man their gifts? Choose the right time to give your gifts. Times that work are at the rehearsal dinner, at the bachelor party or even on the wedding day.

Now, let's figure out what to give your groomsmen and best man!
1. Something for the Wedding Day
Jewelry and accessories that coordinate with what they will wear on their wedding day are always appreciated. Subtle yet stylish bracelets from our collection of men's bracelets make the best groomsmen gifts.   

2. Something That Reflects Their Personality
How about choosing unique best man and groomsmen gifts? Groomsmen gifts that reflect their personalities are gifts that the groomsmen can use after the wedding is long done. Music lovers will appreciate great headphones. For fitness enthusiasts, sports water bottles or protein shakers make the perfect groomsmen gifts.

3. Something Personalized
Personalized gifts for groomsmen and the best man are a thoughtful touch. You can have almost anything personalized with their names, initials or even favorite football team's logo. Some ideas for personalized gifts include personalized beer mugs, tie clips, dopp kits, BBQ tools, barware, wallets and more.

Choosing perfect gifts for best man and the groomsmen takes time and thought so plan in advance and we hope these ideas help you get started.

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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Maid of Honor Gift Guide: How to Pick a Gift Your Maid of Honor Will Love

Whether it is helping you with planning every detail for your wedding or helping you cope with the stress of the wedding, your maid of honor is doing an amazing job. And, we know just how you can say 'thank you' for all her love, support and effort. Let's dive right into it.

Do You Get Your Maid of Honor an Extra Gift?
You MOH plays a big role in the wedding and she has helped you plan your big day so it's a good idea to let her know her efforts are recognized and appreciated. Should you give your maid of honor something more than your bridesmaids? Only you can answer that question. But if you do, we suggest giving her the gift privately, at a different time from when you give your bridesmaids their gifts. Here are some ideas that would delight your maid of honor.

Giving your MOH a sparkling gift that she can wear at the wedding is a very thoughtful gesture. Choose jewelry that is timeless and versatile so she can wear it at the wedding and beyond. We're big fans of diamonds studs because they can be worn with anything, work, going out for brunch, date night, anything!

But, if you would like to gift her something a little more dressy, we suggest our
Diamond Stud Earrings With Cushion Double Halo. The cushion-shaped silhouette is a new take on the traditional stud earrings. They're sparkling enough for the wedding and perfect for adding brilliance to her outfits after the wedding.
If you know your maid of honor's style, choose something that's her style. Our Leaf Motif Pendant is perfect for someone who loves all things vintage.

Another great choice is jewelry that has special meaning for your MOH. Does she love her fur babies? This paw print pendant in two-tone gold is perfect.

We hope our top picks for maid of honor jewelry help you get started. 


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Thursday, 15 August 2019

Bridesmaids Jewelry: How to Choose Jewelry for Your Best Girls

One of the most fun parts of putting an outfit together is choosing the right jewelry to go along with it and when it comes to putting together bridesmaids outfits, it's all the more fun because you do it together with your favorite girls!

Let the Dress (or Dresses) Guide You
Necklaces and pendants are a great choice for strapless dresses or sweetheart neckline dresses. For halter-style or one shoulder bridesmaids dresses, you can't go wrong with classic diamond drop earrings. If the dress your bridesmaids are going to wear is embellished with sparkling details, keep the jewelry minimal with stud earrings.

The color of the dress can influence the metal you choose. White gold and platinum go well with cool shades like blue and gray while warmer tones like plum and purple are best complemented with yellow gold jewelry.

To Match or Not to Match
This decision is up to you! Both looks have their advantages, matched jewelry looks cohesive while different jewelry allows the bridesmaids' personality to shine through. If all your bridesmaids are wearing the same dress, perhaps different jewelry is a great way to personalize their looks and if they are wearing different dresses, matched jewelry brings a unified balance.

Take Cue from the Bride
What jewelry are you going to wear on your big day? Take a cue from your jewelry while choosing jewelry for your bridesmaids. You and your crew don't have to be matchy-matchy but complementary. You can choose jewelry in the same metal or finish to achieve a balanced look. Your bridesmaids can wear simpler versions of your jewelry. If you're wearing a statement diamond necklace, they can wear simple diamond solitaire pendants in the same metal. 

Our Top Picks for Bridesmaids Jewelry
Classic Yellow Gold Diamond Stud Earrings
Diamonds studs are a great choice because your wedding crew can wear them long after the wedding. We also recommend studs if your bridesmaids are going to wear their hair down.  No-tangle and fuss-free studs are great for hair-down bridesmaids hairstyles.

Chevron Bar Pendant

How chic is this lovely bar pendant? The chevron design is perfect for dresses with dainty straps or sweetheart necklines.

Birthstone Jewelry
Our final pick for bridesmaid jewelry is birthstone jewelry. If you're planning on gifting your bridesmaids' jewelry, birthstone jewelry is thoughtful and personalized.

Happy Accessorizing!
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Friday, 9 August 2019

Our Top Jewelry Picks for Your Big Day

It's your day to shine! The right jewelry on your wedding day will complement your dress and pull together your bridal look. Check our post on how to pick the right jewelry for your wedding day here. In this post, we will cover perfect picks from our collection that will help you look your very best on your big day.

Round Diamond Floating Halo Pendant Necklace for V Neck Dresses
If your dress has a V-neck, this classic pendant is the perfect d├ęcolletage decoration. The glittering diamond halo adds plenty of sparkle and flash so you can pair it with simple diamond studs to balance your bridal look. The best thing about this lovely pendant necklace is that you can wear it long after the wedding. Layer it with longer necklaces and chains for a chic look or add it any outfit to pep up your everyday office wardrobe.   

Now, if you dress has a vintage flair or you're actually rocking a vintage bridal dress, we highly recommend our Vintage-Inspired Paisley Diamond Halo Pendant. Unique and intricate, this pendant will perfectly match a vintage dress.

Round Diamond Halo Drop Earrings for Halter Neck Dresses
These earrings make excellent accessories for halter neck wedding dresses or high neck dresses with an open back. A classic design, these round diamond drop earrings will put up an impressive display of sparkle on your big day. Balance it with our lovely white gold heart link bracelet and you're all set.

Classic Yellow Gold And White Pearl Necklace With Golden Curved Links
The classic pearls have been a bridal fashion icon for a reason. They have a timeless look that is hard to beat. Our curved links pearl necklace is a stylish take on this evergreen accessory.

More Importantly, Be Yourself
The most important thing about choosing jewelry for your wedding day is they should be a reflection of you and your style. Inherited your grandma's pearls but don't quite know what to do with them, fashion them into a sash for your dress. Not sure if you can wear long drop earrings all day long, stick to classic diamond studs or pearl studs. You do you—it's your day! 
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Monday, 5 August 2019

How to Pick Bridal Jewelry You'll Love For And After Your Wedding Day

Now that you've said yes to the dress (and the dream man), it's time to choose the perfect jewelry to complete your wedding day look. Let's dive right into the tips.

Think Longterm
We recommend investing in classic pieces of jewelry such as diamond earrings and gold pendant necklaces that you can wear long after your big day. For your bridal look, less really is more and high-quality diamond and gold or platinum jewelry fits the bill perfectly. It is understated and elegant and you can pair it with your everyday day outfits after your big day. Mix and match this jewelry with big-impact accessories like a bird-cage veil or sparkly bejeweled shoes.

Mix and Match
Our second commandment for picking out your wedding jewelry: mix and match. Matched sets tend to look dated so we like it when brides go for mixed but complementary sets of studs and necklaces or drop earrings and bracelets. But don't stop here, go ahead and mix and match to your heart's content. You can pair new jewelry with family heirlooms. Inherited a fabulous broach from your grandma, add it your dress and pair it with your classic diamond drop earrings.

Complement Your Dress
Let your dress guide you to pick the perfect wedding day jewelry. If your dress has a V-neck, necklaces and pendants are your go-to accessories. For halter necks, one shoulder or open back dresses, drop earrings are ideal. If you're confused about which metal to go for, look to your dress again for guidance. White gold or platinum jewelry matches well with white dresses while ivory and beige dresses are best accompanied with yellow gold or even rose gold jewelry. If your dress has embellishments like sequins, let that color echo in your choice of metal.

Plan Ahead
The jewelry you will wear will play an important part in how you'll look on your wedding day so plan ahead. Order your jewelry on time so you have it with you for dress fittings. It's also essential to try headgear such as veils, floral crowns and tiaras along with your earrings and necklaces to make sure they match. The finish and metal of your jewelry will also dictate other choices like what nail color or shoes you'll wear on your big day. Trying on your jewelry before the big day also gives you a chance to make fixes such as adjusting the length of your necklace well before your wedding day.

Get started on your jewelry shopping here
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Monday, 22 July 2019

How to Find the Right Engagement Ring Size

We normally know our shoe size and clothes size but have never had to measure our ring size. So we can understand how anxious you might be while trying to discreetly buy an engagement ring for your significant other when the measurement of the ring is the most important thing! Here are some ways that you can find your partner’s right ring size to ensure nothing goes wrong while buying your perfect engagement ring!

Understand Ring Size
It is true that when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands, size DOES matter! The standard measurement of rings is in millimeters and based on the inner circumference of the band. All jewelers follow this standard scale so that a woman’s size 6 is the same from retailer to retailer. However, have you ever bought the same sized jeans from different brands and not have it fit the same way? That is the case with rings as well. 

Ring sizing can get a bit complicated when you consider the variations that come with different regions. The United States and Canada normally follows a numerical scale with half and quarter sizes, but other countries may follow an alphabetical scale that only uses complete sizes and have a set of circumference adjustments. Make sure you find these details out before placing an order for your engagement ring at the jeweler.

A Researched Guess
Women’s ring sizes typically range from 3 to 9 and the most commonly purchased ring sizes are from 5 to 7. The size 6 in rings is the most bought and popular. The sizes in men’s rings typically range from 8 to 14, and the most bought ring sizes range from 8 to 10.5, size 9 being the most popular and purchased. Evaluate and determine your partner’s finger type. If their fingers are more slender than average then size down from the average ring size, and vice versa. If you are buying your engagement ring online, you will most definitely be offered a 30 days return policy or even an extended one unless it is a special order.

Use another Ring
If your partner wears a ring already, ideally on the ring finger of her left hand you can secretly take it as a reference to the jewelers. If she does not wear the ring every day then it should not be a problem to take it out of her jewelry box for a few hours to determine the size at the shop. But if she wears the ring often and you want to be discreet, then it may be a bit more complicated. Be vigilant and make use of the moment she takes off the ring to get in the shower or before going to bed. Press the ring into a piece of wet clay or bar of soap and take that to the jeweler, who will then compare the imprint and determine your partner’s ring size.

Tie a Literal Knot
Wrapping a printable ring sizing strip with measurements on it or tying a string around your partner’s finger while she’s sleeping or in a funny, playful moment will also help you find the size for your engagement ring.

Let the Girls Know
If your partner has married or engaged friends, ask them to pass their rings around for the other girls to try on while hanging out together, and have someone notice and make note of which ring fits your partner better than the others!

Most engagement rings can be sized up or down but often the process reduces the ring’s integrity. If nothing works, consider compromising a bit and taking her with you to the jewelers and making a date out of it! There is no way your engagement ring can go wrong then!
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