Monday, 18 February 2019

Did You Know 20th March is National Proposal Day?

A day for proposing? Yes, really!
John Michael O'Loughlin came up with the idea for the day because his cousin's boyfriend wouldn't pop the all-important question after years of dating.

OK. I get it. But, why the 20th of March?
It's actually a pretty significant date. 20th March is Spring Equinox. On 20th March, day and night are of equal lengths across the world. We think it's pretty significant as marriage is an equal partnership.

So, is 20th March the day YOU get down on one knee?
The answer could be a YES, if you and your partner have been talking about marriage. The spring equinox has a wonderful significance.

OK. I'm going to do it! What's next?
Buying her dream engagement ring is the next step. If you start today, you'll have plenty of time to choose and make sure the ring arrives before the 20th of March. Also, we recommend choosing a ring together or at least getting her inputs. The proposal is the surprise, the ring should not be!

But, I'm on a budget.
That diamond engagements are expensive is an untruth perpetuated by chain retailers and mall jewelers. The truth is that you can find a beautiful diamond engagement ring at any budget. And, finding a ring becomes all the more easy once you understand the 4Cs. Give our jewelry advisors a call on 1-866-522-2539 or visit to find a ring that fits your budget.

Get started on the dream proposal today!

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Thursday, 14 February 2019

Ideas for a Quick and Easy Valentine’s Day Dinner

What's the best way to spend Valentine's Day with your favorite person? A nice dinner at home away from the Valentine's Day crowds. If you want to surprise your sweetie, how about going the extra mile and making a homemade dinner from scratch. It is not as difficult as it sounds. With a little prep ahead and some easy recipes, you can put together a dinner as delicious as any restaurant meal.

A delicious appetizer will set the tone for the rest of the evening. It also gives you time to check on your main course, while your date enjoys the nibbles.

Option 1: Caprese Skewers

A no-cook appetizer is the best! Caprese skewers are small skewers with mozzarella cheese balls, tender basil leaves and cherry tomatoes. So, all you need to do is put them together. When you're done, drizzle some balsamic vinaigrette over the skewers. The key to this recipe is choose the best and freshest ingredients.

Option 2: Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp

Now, if you would like to put in a little more effort in your appetizers, bacon wrapped shrimp is a tasty dish to make. Again, the key here is to choose the freshest and best ingredients. Make sure you get large shrimp because the cooking time for large shrimp and bacon is about the same. Another tip to keep in mind with this appetizer, is the seasoning. You can use barbecue seasoning or you can whip together your own seasoning with olive oil, garlic, lemon zest and a little pepper. Serve it on a bed of lettuce for beautiful presentation.

Main Course

Option 1: Pan Seared Fish

For the main course, we recommend going light with fish. Pan seared fish drizzled with lemon sauce is sure to impress your valentine. You can choose salmon, halibut or cod for this main course. The wonderful thing about this dish is that you can let the fish be the star of the show. Fresh, tasty fish needs only light seasoning to be delicious. Now, pan searing can be difficult for a beginner but there's a trick to get around it. Breading the fish with a flour-egg-breadcrumbs mix on one side will prevent it from sticking to the pan or turning tough and stringy.

Option 2: Pasta

Can you get away with making pasta for Valentine's Day dinner? The answer is Yes! All you have to do is fancy it up a little bit with tasty additions. Serving spaghetti with shrimp, arugula and feta is a great way to upgrade a basic dish. Another winning flavor combination is Andouille sausages with peppers, and tomatoes. A simple marinara pasta can be amazing when paired with quality olive oil, ricotta and sun-dried tomatoes. You could try making different kinds of pasta besides spaghetti like - tortellini, fettuccine or gemelli.

Option 1: Bite-sized dessert

Instead of making an elaborate dessert, bite-sized desserts like cake pops are great for Valentine's Day. You can even buy cake and dress it up! Is that cheating? Not, if you use decadent chocolate sauce and caramel for dipping! This dessert is very versatile so choose any cake you like vanilla, chocolate or red velvet. Don't buy the frosted kind. Slice your cake into bite-sized pieces. You can also use cookie cutters to get perfect rounds and hearts. An easy trick - skewer the pieces with lollypop sticks and refrigerate them for an hour or so. This make them firm for dipping in chocolate.

You can coat the cake pops with sprinkles or skip this part for caramel. Once the chocolate coating has cooled and set, generously drizzle it with caramel sauce and sprinkle some sea salt.

Option 2: Fresh Berries

If your date is not especially fond of dessert, fresh berries are a great way to end the meal. Choose the freshest and ripe berries and present them on serving platter. You can also serve them in martini glasses topped with a little whipped cream.


At Valentine's Day Dinner – food is the star of the show so choose wine that will complement, not overpower the wine. Prosecco or Mosel Riesling wine is a good choice as it is low in alcohol.

Set the Scene
When you're hosting Valentine's Day dinner at home, the setting is as important as the food. Clear away clutter and clean. If you're in a hurry, simply clear the dining space. Set the table. It's easy to do. Start with a tablecloth, add placemats and use matching dinnerware. Skip the centerpiece in favor or simple candles.

Have a lovely dinner with these simple ideas.

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Monday, 11 February 2019

Etiquette of Proposals: The Millennial Edition

Millennials are killing the proposal! Ah, they are at it again but jokes aside the preferences and dislikes of millennials are changing the course of many businesses and traditions. So, when we find the one, the way we get down on one knee has also obviously changed! Let's take a look at some of the new traditions.

1. Social Media
If we were to name only one thing that has changed the way millennials are proposing marriage (or doing anything really), it has to be social media. From ring selfies to proposal photographers, declarations of love are shared with everyone!

But if you're the sort that cringes at the thought of making private moments with your family public, don't do it. It's really that simple. If you and your partner don't like sharing so much on social media, don't post a proposal video. A subtle ring selfie is quite enough to inform family and friends that you guys are ready to take the plunge. As for the photographer, you may want to capture the moment for yourself, if not the whole world.

2. Hiring a Proposal Planner
Yes, proposal planners are a thing! We're not the ones to judge. If you think you need a little extra help to plan an epic proposal, go for it. And if you want to do it by yourself, the internet is your friend. With so many people sharing their proposal stories and videos online, inspiration is easy to come by. This brings us to #3.

3. Personalized Proposals
We think the best part about the way millennials are proposing is their attention to personalization. Are you and your partner really into a fandom (comic book, movie or video game)? Well, let your geek flag fly in your proposal! Champagne and roses are not always the way to go, unless that is your thing. In that case, go for it. The message to take here is customize this tradition the way you want it.

4. Go Ring Shopping Together
This is one millennial trend we can totally get behind. Buying an engagement ring is an important decision and one that a couple should make together. The proposal is the surprise, the ring doesn't have to be! Millennials are also buying engagement rings from non-traditional sources like online stores. When you choose your ring online, there's more choice and you're also more likely to find a beautiful diamond ring in your budget.

5. Including Family and Friends
Whether it's asking her parents for permission or making sure the whole family is a part of the actual proposal, we think these gestures are really thoughtful. But, we would like to refer to #3 Personalization here again. Do what is right for you and your partner. Do her parents or your family, live across the country? Maybe save the trip for the wedding.

We hope this helps you plan your #proposalstory.

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Thursday, 7 February 2019

Monday, 4 February 2019

Discover Amethyst, the February Birthstone

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a February girl, Amethyst jewelry is it! In fact birthstone jewelry for any month is sure to delight your family and friends because it shows the personalized thought you put into choosing the gift.

Let's talk Amethyst! It is said to bring tranquility into the life of the wearer (and in this cold wintery month, they could definitely use it). The beautiful, vibrant purple hue of the gemstone is another bonus in the cold, dark month of February.

Amethyst is a type of quartz and it is found all over the world including the United States. It often forms in geodes and in cavities of granite rocks. Although, the deep, rich purple is the most popular hue of the gemstone, it occurs in a whole spectrum of purple. Ranging from a pale pinkish purple to the deep hue we have come to associate with amethyst. Actually a rough crystal of Amethyst can have a range of colors and the way it is cut decides the final color of the gemstone.

The gorgeous February birthstone ranks 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Therefore it is not as tough as a diamond which ranks a 10 or a sapphire which ranks 9 but it can definitely be used for special and everyday jewelry. But do be careful that you don't store Amethyst jewelry along with diamond jewelry in such a way that the diamond can chip the gentler gemstone.

The lovely shade of Amethyst goes well with warm and cool metal settings. Take a look at our Amethyst solitaire rings which are set in white gold and rose gold. They are both gorgeous and show the versatility of the gemstone.


If you're looking for a statement ring, we have an absolutely delightful ring in our Amethyst collection. An east-west ring, it features detailed scroll work on the band with an oxidized finish.


Take a look at the rest of our collection to choose something thoughtful and personalized. 

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Thursday, 31 January 2019

Monday, 28 January 2019

Why it is a Good Idea to Buy Your Engagement Ring Online This Valentine's Day

Before anything else – Congratulations! You’re about to propose to the love of your life on the most romantic day of the year- Valentine's Day. This is really exciting! Now buying an engagement ring is not the easiest thing to do. You have to really put thought, time and finances into it and make sure the ring you are buying is of quality and is aligned with your fiancé’s preferences.

On top of that running from shop to shop trying to find a great deal and a perfect engagement ring; also dealing with the pushy salespersons can be simply exhausting! This whole process can be so much easier for you by just shopping online! You can look through different kinds of engagement rings for days before making a decision in the comfort of your own home – In the comfort of your own bed, under the covers and after a big nap.

First of all, there is so much more transparency and clarity when it comes to diamond quality when you are shopping online. When you are making such a big financial investment, the quality of the product you are buying becomes the biggest priority and it definitely should be that way. Without the influence of a pushy salesperson you can make a way clear decision than with. The best thing about looking for engagement rings online is that they will make sure that you know of every little aspect of the diamond that you are considering buying. Most reputable jewelry stores online offer exceptional magnified images of your diamond that let you see every little blemish, inclusion or flaws that a stone may have. The sense of security and confidence that that offers you is incomparable to the stress and anxiety of making the right decision at in-store jewelers. Online stores also offer perks like free shipping and returns, long or lifetime warranties and free ring sizing and that is just the icing on the cake!

Most people are not sure about buying jewelry online because of the risk of scams and compromise in quality. We understand that there is a sense of security in the old fashioned ways of doing things and in seeing the ring in person as you are deciding to buy it. But know that you are only apprehensive because online shopping is an option that you are not used to and not because there is any real danger involved here. As long as you are buying your engagement ring from a reputable jewelry store you are good to go. These jewelers have their reputation and business at stake and so they are obligated to take all the care and responsibility for production and shipping. These reputable online stores also offer accurate certification from labs such as GIA, AGS and IGI that are trustworthy, and they also make sure that your delivery is insured. So there’s no need to worry at all!

Online stores have a vast collection of engagement rings, stones and settings. You can just open three tabs for three stores and that’s it – Sitting on the couch, looking at engagement rings at three stores in an afternoon! A lot of websites also offer you price comparisons which helps you make the best buy possible. It’s amazing really what the internet can do these days. Why not utilize it in the best ways?

Not only do online stores have a big variety of shapes, designs and settings it is also more affordable compared to in-store purchases. I know it’s a bit confusing – “How does price matter when I’m shopping for jewelry online or offline? I’m buying the same gold and the same diamond!” Well the reality is that the online jewelers do not have any overhead costs like rent, store upkeep etc that in-store retailers normally do include in their products.

Online stores are the new way to shop for jewelry and there is not much to complain about. Here you get a variety of products at a much reasonable rate that you can purchase in the comfort of your own home! Get started here.

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Thursday, 24 January 2019

What to Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring

First of all – Congratulations! If you are reading this article it means that you are about to pop the question to your special someone on Valentine's Day. It is a very romantic gesture and a really exciting time in your life.

There is one rule – There is no rule
There are a lot of traditions, rules and myths that come with buying an engagement ring. The truth is that there is no particular rule that you need to follow to buy the perfect ring. Your perfect ring is subjective and only you know what it looks like! A big rule that people often follow is that you need to keep the engagement ring a surprise from your to-be fiancé. But practically, making such a big purchase for a ring that she is supposed to wear forever and keeping it a secret from her does not really make sense. It is a great step if you include your partner and take her to pick her own engagement ring. This way she can pick exactly what she wants and you won’t have to risk having to return or exchange the ring after the proposal. After she has picked out the perfect engagement ring, you can still keep the proposal a surprise. You can plan it exactly the way you want to and where you want to. No magic is lost here!

Another really practical and smart thing that people are starting to do is that, they are only buying the center stone and not the entire ring setting. People have different tastes in jewelry and to buy something completely different than one’s preference can cause a lot of complications in the whole proposal situation. You could always buy the diamond and mount it on a placeholder – It is temporary setting and looks like a solitaire ring, and propose to your significant other with it. She can always make all the other decisions regarding the details of the ring and you can both end up creating an engagement ring that’s gorgeous and works perfectly!

Read up – Do your research
You definitely should not go into it without any research done at all. The “I’ll figure it out on my own” attitude absolutely does not work when it comes to engagement ring shopping. If you were buying a house, TV or car would it make sense to just blindly go into a store and get the first thing you see? No – Right? The same judgment applies here. You need to get good research done and have to put some effort before making a big purchase like this. But thankfully, this is not as complicated as it might seem. There is a whole world of information regarding engagement rings online in the form of articles, videos and ebooks. Just browse through a few blog posts and you will gain a lot of perspective. There are forums where you could post your queries and diamond experts will answer them for you. You must read up on the 4Cs – It helps a lot!

Check online before offline
Here is something that you probably did not know – Engagement rings online are way cheaper than the ones in jewelry retail stores. It is 100% true that you will get good quality diamonds at a comparatively lesser price than the same ones at an offline retailer. High-end jewelry stores have high priced engagement rings as they include their overhead charges in their prices. Overhead charges are basically the price that these stores have to pay for a large staff, store upkeep, rent or mortgages etc. Online jewelry stores do not have these costs associated with their production and so they pass on this benefit to their customers. Another thing to keep in mind is that online stores usually have a bigger collection of engagement ring options, and it is way easier to look through different stores and compare prices online than it is in real-life jewelry stores.

We hope you shop smart, informed and stress-free for the loveliest engagement ring! Start here to get your ring in time before Valentine's Day!

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Monday, 21 January 2019

Top Three Engagement Ring Styles - Which one is for you?

If you have no idea where to start with engagement rings, you have come to the right place :) There are many types of engagement rings. Each design is beautiful and has different advantages. You have to keep in mind the wearer's preferences and style when making a choice. Let's get started.

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Thursday, 17 January 2019

Valentine's Day Gifts

If you haven't read our previous post on Valentine's Day, we strongly recommend you do. Go ahead read that post. Ok, done? Without further ado, Here are our picks for the best Valentine's Day gifts of 2018.

Bar Necklaces
We have three of them in our collection and they are oh so chic. These are so perfect for work or date night. This pave necklace is the definition of fashion forward. While the chevron one and the off-set necklace are so trendy.

Cute Necklaces
Whether you want to choose a Valentine's Day gift for a partner, teenage daughter or sister, these cute necklaces in our collection are perfect! Teens will love this cupid's arrow necklace, while the infinity necklace is for everyone. And what's not to love about this Y necklace!

Diamond Bands
Maybe, you're looking for something more significant? We know just what will make her happy! Diamond Bands. The five-stone band is a classic and perfect for milestone dates. The milgrain band is perfect for someone who loves all things vintage. Our Starlight ring is perfect as a right hand ring.

Something For Him
We have also included your favorite guy in this list. We are big fans of the Celtic knot band. The hammered finish band has a distinctive look while the titanium ring is so understated and elegant.

Up your gifting game with these ideas.

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