Wednesday, 13 June 2018

How Are Engagement Rings Made?

If you just bought an engagement ring from - Congratulations! We hope you love the ring and wish you all the very best in starting this exciting new journey in life. And now, if you're wondering what happens after you click the buy button, we're here to explain how engagement rings are made at B2C Jewels.

The journey to create your ring is an exciting one and a global one because different parts of your ring come together from all over the world to form one, beautiful piece of jewelry. There are four parts in a ring that need to be assembled by a team of craftsmen - the ring band, the ring head, the center diamond and accent diamonds, if any.

Let's start with the center diamond. The diamonds that you see listed on are a part of our virtual inventory. What is a virtual inventory? B2C Jewels has partnered with several diamond suppliers across the globe. These diamond partners hold diamonds on our behalf while they are listed in our inventory. As soon as a sale is made, the diamond is shipped to our office in New York. Your diamond could make its way from anywhere in the world, Europe or Asia - exciting! Quality control is very important to us so each and every diamond that comes through our office is checked by our team of gemologists. They match the diamond to its certificate, make sure any inclusions present are not visible to the naked eye and check other quality parameters.

We also have an in-house inventory of diamonds called Perfection Diamonds. Unlike the other diamonds in our inventory, Perfection Diamonds are not available with any other retailer. These diamonds are our signature collection and their brilliance is unparalleled. If you select a Perfection Diamond, we already have it with us.   

While the diamond makes its way to our New York offices, your ring takes shape. The ring band is often cast. This process involves pouring molten metal into a mold and then plunging it in cold water to solidify it. Often several rings are made together with a ring casting tree. So, the rings are one standard size. Each ring is then shaped, polished and sized appropriately. The ring head, the part that will hold your center diamond, is die struck. This process involves pressing the metal between two hardened steel plates which have cut outs in the desired shape. The process results in a ring head that is very strong and essential to hold your center diamond. The ring head is soldered onto the band. This requires expert skills as the welding has to be done in such a way that the whole ring looks like one whole part. 

Now that your ring is complete, your diamonds are ready to be mounted in it. This part of the process is done by extremely skilled craftsmen as the diamonds have to be placed in their setting securely. Since each diamond is unique with different sets of angles and measurements, each setting process is unique and takes skill. Finally, the whole ring is polished to perfection. The last step of the process is again quality control to make sure the ring looks beautiful and fits your requested size.

We hope you have enjoyed reading exactly how your engagement ring is made. If you have questions about this process, our jewelry advisors will be happy to answer them. Simply give us a call on 1-866-522-2539 or email us on
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Thursday, 7 June 2018

What Does Dad Really Want To Do On Father's Day

We know some great tips to make this Father's Day the best ever. Check our advice on Father's Day gifts, Father's Day activities and more.

Family Time
Does dad travel a lot or have the kids moved out? Then, a day dedicated to family time sounds perfect. Plan activities where the whole family can have fun. A Father's Day backyard barbecue is great. You could invite the family or the neighbors and celebrate all the "dads". Another fun idea is a family picnic. With the beautiful weather, even your local park becomes a great spot for a family picnic.

Start a Father's Day Tradition
We love holiday traditions. So, just like every family has a Christmas tradition, how about a Father's Day tradition. The tradition could be bonding time with the kids like Annual Father-Daughter Fishing Day or something that involves the whole family like Father's Day Barbecue. We also love other outdoor activities that the whole family can enjoy like movie night in the backyard. It is very easy to set up a movie screen in your backyard and your family can have a fun time picking the movies to screen each year.

Let's Do Nothing
Maybe all dad needs is some downtime so how about you plan a day of doing "nothing" for him? A day of no chores, not having to fix anything and more importantly no rush to do anything or get anywhere sounds wonderful. Make it happen for him! And let him choose what he wants to do with his newly-available free time. If all he wants is catch a game on TV, then let him do that! We tend to get caught up in planning the "perfect day" when maybe all he wants to do is "nothing".

A Husband and a Father
Besides celebrating the bond of a father with his child, this day is also celebrated to honor him as a wonderful partner. Tell him how much he means to you and appreciate all the "dad' things he does. Make him feel special by spending time with him. You could take him out for dinner or a game–do something he loves.

Father's Day Gifts
We love classic Father's Day gifts like a beautiful, well-made watch or a handcrafted wallet. These are things dads need so it is very thoughtful to gift them. But, if dad already has all his essentials, we love giving hobby gifts. That game station he has had his eye on or maybe the fishing gear so he can finally take that fishing trip with his buddies. These are all gifts that show you know and care about his needs and likes.

We hope you create wonderful Father's Day memories with these ideas.
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Monday, 4 June 2018

Your Guide To Buying An Engagement Ring Online

If you are here reading about engagement rings, then first: Congrats! You’re in love and exciting things are in store for the future. We’re so happy and excited for you. Buying an engagement ring can be really stressful and tiring; to go from store to store checking out their limited collections, comparing prices, unsure and confused – it can be hard. We are here to help you! Why would you want to run from one jewelry store to the other stressing over not being able to find the perfect ring, when you can pull up a chair, and browse through limitless options of engagement rings on your computer or phone (May we add: you can do this in your sweatpants)? Here’s why buying an engagement ring online is way better than buying one in-store.

You Can Really Focus on the Quality
As long as you are shopping from reputable jewelers you are on the right track. What’s great about buying an engagement ring online is that you get a chance to really see every facet of the jewelry. Most reputable jewelry stores online offer magnified diamond images, which allows the customer to see the inclusion or flaws in the diamond. With this sense of security and confidence, buying a ring becomes a breeze.

Reputable Jewelers Have Their Reputation at Stake
It’s understandable to be apprehensive about shopping for jewelry online; it’s new, we’re not used to it so obviously don’t trust the process yet. First of all, it is important that you shop from a reputable jewelry store. Reputable jewelry stores will offer you certification from independent labs such as GIA, AGS or IGI; they will also provide you insured shipment and delivery.

Honestly, It Is so Much Easier!
Does it not reduce half your stress knowing that you can look for and select a ring from the comfort of your home, and don’t have to deal with the pushy salesperson trying to pressure you into buying that expensive ring that you are not that into? Buying an engagement ring in an online jewelry store comes with features like free shipping and returns, free ring sizing and also a lifetime warranty.

Way More Choices!
Whether you go to a high-end retailer or a small jewelry store, options are limited. Online you will be able to choose from hundreds of settings and diamonds. You can also choose the diamond separately from the ring, as it does not necessarily come fixed in a setting, unlike in-store engagement rings.

It Is More Affordable
Did you know that you could save more while buying a ring online, compared to buying one in-store? You can find better prices for engagement rings with online retailers because they do not have the overhead costs (such as rent, store upkeep, etc) that jewelry stores normally do include in their products.

It becomes so much easier to focus on finding the perfect engagement ring, when you know you’re saving and have so many options to choose from!

Here are some engagement rings to get you started:

The Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring

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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Diamond Education: Diamond Cut

The 4Cs of diamonds are the basics you should know when you decide to buy a diamond. The 4Cs stand for Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. Let's understand Cut, first.

Why Is Diamond Cut the Most Important?
Cut is the most important of the 4Cs because the way a diamond is cut determines how much it will sparkle. And, isn't the sparkle and brilliance the most important thing about a diamond?

What Is Diamond Cut?
What exactly is diamond cut. The cut refers to the way facets or polished flat surfaces have been cut on the diamond. When light enters a diamond, it refracts and reflects on these facet. An expertly-cut diamond will refract and reflect the most light due to the way these facets have been cut on the diamond. So, better cut equals better sparkle. And this is why cut is the most important factor of diamonds.

Is Diamond Cut the Same As the Shape?
There's often some confusion between cut and shape. Cut is not the shape of the diamond. Diamonds shapes such as the round or emerald are often called as the round brilliant cut or the emerald cut but that's just a turn of phrase.

What Are Diamond Grades?
Like the other 4Cs, diamond cut is given a grade. Independent gemological labs such as the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and the AGS (American Gem Society) grade diamonds without any bias. There are many gemological labs that diamond vendors use but the GIA, AGS and HRD are widely recognized and the most reputable. You should choose diamonds certified by these authorities to know what you're getting. Also, it becomes easy to compare engagement rings across retailers when they are graded by either the GIA, AGS or HRD.

What Is the Grade Chart?
The GIA grade scale goes from Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair to Poor. While the AGS grades on a scale of 0 to 10, 0 being the best possible grade. These grades are assigned on the basis of the proportions, facet pattern and other factors.

Round Brilliant Diamond
A round brilliant diamond has 57 to 58 facets or polished surfaces. The angles and proportions at which these facets are cut can predict how a diamond will sparkle.

Cut Advice
Always choose the best possible cut grade that your budget allows. You can play around the grades of rest of the 4Cs. But, never compromise on the cut.

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Friday, 25 May 2018

Engagement Ring Myths Debunked to Make Your Life Easier

Buying an engagement ring is not easy BUT, there’s good news! The process of choosing, falling in love with and buying an engagement ring can be less complicated than you imagine it to be! Let us help you cut out the misconceived notions and limit your limitations. Here are 6 myths about engagement rings that you could really do without.

Never, EVER Shop With Your Partner
We all know of the tradition – Man shops for the ring, surprises the lady; she jumps up in his arms and they live happily ever after! Now, let’s get back to 2017 shall we? There are major advantages that come with shopping for the ring with your significant other, rather than you blindly choose one and hope for the best. It will almost completely cut out the stress, you could discuss the budget beforehand and she’ll have exactly the ring she wanted!

Save up a Fortune
Even though it’s true that diamonds are an investment, it’s a myth that you need to save up “three months’ salary”. Engagement rings come in all shapes, sizes, and prices! There are more practical ways to go about this. You could set a budget and explore your options, save a little every month for a while or you and your partner could mutually decide to get a “starter” ring, and upgrade it later down the line. Sometimes it’s good to let traditions take a backseat. B2C Jewels has a lifetime upgrade policy.

High-price Jewelry Stores Are Better
Expensive chain jewelry stores may be the first thing you think about when you think engagement rings, but they don’t necessarily have the best pieces of jewelry in the world. These expensive boutiques have extremely high mark-ups, which is what makes their engagement rings expensive. You may not be getting a "better quality diamond" by shopping at these jewelers. The truth is that, if you’re looking for a good collection of reasonably priced rings, you may find your perfect ring at a regular jewelry store or even online! Keep an open mind about it. B2C Jewels has a 30-Day no-questions-asked return policy for a stress-free ring shopping experience.

Custom Rings Are Way More Expensive
Breaking news: Custom rings are NOT more expensive! You can design your custom engagement ring according to your budget. In fact it’s so much more fun! You can add meaningful, personal elements to the ring and also have more input and control over the design. Let your mind run wild! Learn how the B2C Jewels customization process works here.

Buying an engagement ring should be a beautiful experience. We hope we could help you with these debunked myths!

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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

What Are Certified Diamonds?

Have you been browsing diamonds? Then the term certified diamonds must have come up a lot. What are certified diamonds?

What is Diamond Certification?
Diamonds are graded on four important aspects - the cut, color, clarity and carat. A diamond quality is judged based on these grades and the diamond's price is an outcome of these grades. This grading is present in a report which is called as the diamond certificate. This certificate may also be called other names like diamond grading report, diamond quality document or lab reports. So, when you hear the term 'certified diamond', it means that the diamond in question has been graded and it comes with a lab report. Which brings us to a very important question - who does the certification?

Who Certifies Diamonds?
Most online diamond retailers send their diamonds to be certified by independent, third-party gemological laboratories. Now, there are many labs but not all of them are equal in reputation. The Gemological Institute of America or GIA, the American Gem Society or AGS and HRD Antwerp are some of the reliable and unbiased labs. These labs work independently so their grading is not biased towards a particular vendor or retailer. And this is why certification from a reputed, independent lab is so important because you know your diamond's grading has been done in a unbiased and professional way. This brings us to an important topic and that is does certification affect diamond pricing. 

Diamond Certification And Pricing
Let's say you're looking at a diamond from a not-so reputed lab. This diamond may show a color grade of say G and you may think you're getting a fantastic deal for the price. But, if that same diamond were to be sent for grading to the GIA or AGS, it may come back with a much lower grade. You may end up actually overpaying for a poor-quality diamond. So, which lab a diamond is certified from makes a whole lot of difference. All loose diamonds sold by B2C Jewels have been certified by either the GIA, AGS, HRD and IGI. Our in-house gemologists also inspect all diamonds before they are shipped out to our customers.     

Diamond Certification and Quality
Diamond certification is an important consideration while buying diamonds. It is often referred to as the 5th C. But, a diamond certification is not an assurance or guarantee of quality. A certified diamond doesn't automatically mean a beautiful diamond. The certification is a lab report that states facts about the diamond. It is how you read and understand the report that makes a difference.

Want to know more? Call us on 1-866-522-2539 and our diamond experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Summer Wedding Guests - What you Need to Know

As the summer wedding season draws to a close, it's time to reflect on these lovely days of beach weddings and garden party bridal showers. While we love being a part of the celebrations, here are some tips to conquer the not-so-fun parts of summer weddings.

I don't have anything to wear
Between weddings, bridal showers and other summer entertaining, the whole season can mean needing a whole lot of occasion-specific clothing. You don't need to buy a whole new wardrobe to be a stylish wedding guest. We're big believers of using accessories and jewelry to create a new look with dresses you already have in your closet. Everyone has two closet staples that are perfect for summer events – the little black dress and the floral dress. And that's all you need: remember this for the next summer wedding season.

The Little Black Dress
A black dress to a wedding? Sure, if it is an evening event or a semi-formal event. A dress with a modest silhouette works best for weddings. Give any low cut, form-fitting or super short dresses a miss. So, how can you revamp the little black dress that you have put on many, many times before. A little can go a long way in dressing up a simple yet well-tailored black dress.  

1. Add a little sparkle
Consider our Love Knot Pendant Necklace to add just the light amount of sparkle. The row of sparkling diamonds is complemented by the rope detailing. The playful design is also perfect for an occasion like a wedding. The pendant necklace will also complement a fun fit and flare dress or a romantic A-line dress. Now, if your style is more sleek and your little black dress is a sheath dress with a boat neck, the necklace on the right will be a more apt choice. It is our Diamond Station Necklace set in sterling silver.

2. Add a little color
An oh-so-chic and easy way of styling a little black dress for a wedding is to add color. The easiest way is to pair your dress with bright heels. A simple black dress paired with red shoes is a classic look for a reason – it's timeless and looks amazing. If you're going to be on your feet for a while, consider something with kitten heels, like the ones on the left. A litter glitter and shine also works for shoes. Golden shoes, like the ones below, when paired with a simple black dress will look fabulous for a formal wedding.

3. Bright accessories
Continue the color pop effect with a belt or a handbag or even a watch. If you can't find a belt of the right shade, loop a scarf around your waist. Small details like a red manicure can also brighten your wedding guest look.

4. Gemstones

Is there anything so brightly beautiful as gemstones? Sapphires, rubies, emeralds and peridots. They are available in a wide spectrum of colors. So, they are perfect to add a bit of fun color to your black dress. And, gemstone jewelry is available in so many beautiful designs.  The ruby and diamond ring is a good choice for adding a subtle pop of color while the sapphire earrings make a big impact. The vivid green of this emerald bracelet will also go wonderfully with a black dress. If you're looking for something with subtle color, this rose quartz necklace with its blush pink shade makes a subtle style statement.  

Now that we have tackled the biggest question of summer weddings, let's move on to the pesky problems.

The weather
If you tan easily or worse, get sunburns, always have a light shawl or a jacket handy along with spray-on sunscreen. A pretty jacket in summer colors or a shawl in pastel shades is summer-chic and helps avoid weird tan lines. Also, most wedding venues have shaded spots. Scout them out before the ceremony for some much needed respite.

Choosing the right shoes may mean the difference between a fun night or a miserable day spent walking uncomfortably. Shoes with thicker heels that won’t sink into soft grass are a better bet than stilettos. And for that pesky shine on your nose and forehead, keep some blotting paper and powder in your bag.

Be all set for the next season's summer weddings with these ideas.

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Monday, 14 May 2018

How to Save on Engagement Ring Shopping

Do you know you could save hundreds of dollars and still get a beautiful diamond engagement ring? There are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding engagement rings. A lot of them have to do with how expensive it can be to buy one. If you use the smart shopping tips below, you can save and also have a gorgeous engagement ring. Let's get started.

Tip No. 1 -  Buy loose diamonds
We always recommend buying loose diamonds separately and then having these diamonds mounted into engagement ring settings you like. This is what a setting looks like:

It is the ring minus the center diamond. This is how most jewelry is made. The setting is made from precious metals like gold and platinum. Once the setting is done, the center diamond is added to the setting like this:

Engagement ring settings come in all shapes and sizes. They can be simple, like the solitaire setting above. You can also choose elaborate settings like this halo or this vintage setting:

Here's something that most people don't know about: Buying a loose diamond and then mounting it on a engagement ring setting is actually cheaper than buying preset engagement rings. So, where do you buy loose diamonds and engagement rings? This brings us to tip no. 2

Tip No. 2 - Buy Online

Beautiful diamonds are actually quite affordable. Surprised? The problem is where you shop, which is with big jewelry chains and retailers. Most chain retailers and mall jewelers have a very high mark-up, sometimes up to 200%. They have high overhead costs like rent, paying for a large staff, upkeep of the store and other costs. All these are added to the retail price of diamonds and so the prices skyrocket. And, of course, you pay a premium for buying from a branded store. But, is there any extra value to buying in a fancy store? Not really, you can get the same, if not better, quality of diamonds online.

Unlike these big brands and chain retailers, internet retailers don't have huge operational costs so their mark-up is quite reasonable.  So, buying your diamond online can potentially save hundreds of dollars.

Tip No. 3 - Browse Online Retailers
Many of the online retailers share a virtual inventory of diamonds. So, if you find a diamond you like, be sure to check other websites. You may just find the same diamond available at a lesser price on another website. You could always buy loose diamonds from one retailer and the ring setting from another retailer, giving you the perfect ring at the right price.

Tip No. 4 - Carat
When looking at loose diamonds for engagement rings, many buyers will try to find diamonds of 1 carat or 1.5 carat. But, if you stay just under the benchmark carat weights like 1.00 ct. tw or 1.5 ct. tw, you can save a lot of money. A .90 ct. wt. diamond will cost significantly less than a 1.00 ct. wt. diamond. And, if that diamond is mounted in the right setting, it can look just as big as  1.00 ct. wt. diamond.

Tip No. 5 - Setting
Some engagement ring settings make the center diamond appear larger than it is, like a halo setting. The surrounding halo of diamonds fools the eye into thinking, this is one big diamond. Another setting is the cathedral setting. In Cathedral engagement rings, the diamond is set quite high, allowing plenty of light to pass through it so it sparkles brilliantly and appears larger. So, choose the right setting to save more.

Start your search from B2C Jewels.

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Friday, 11 May 2018

Wedding Season Tips You Need to Know To Survive This Summer!

Whether you're getting married or attending a wedding, the wedding season has started in full swing! We have tips and tricks for everyone so let's get started.

For the Bride
1. Smile!
This is your wedding day - chances are you'll be smiling a lot and many of those moments will be caught on camera. So, don't forget to include brightening your teeth in your beauty routine leading up to the days of the wedding. Many brides remember skin care and hair care but forget about their smile. You can buy teeth whitening kits from your local pharmacy or the good old home remedy of baking soda really works too. All you have to do is dip your damp toothbrush in baking soda, before adding on the toothpaste.

2. Day-of Coordinators
Wedding planners are not for everyone. If you have decided not to get one due to personal or financial reasons, consider having a coordinator for the day. Unlike the full planning, day-of coordinators look into the behind-the-scene details only on the wedding day. Usually, you'll meet with your coordinator anywhere between two weeks to a month before the wedding to go over the details.

For the Groom
1. Make your perfume last
Spring and summer weddings are a lot of fun but what is not fun is sweat, especially if you're the groom. You may not have time to refresh your perfume through the day but you can make it last. And, the thing you need for this hack - you probably have it already. A little bit of Vaseline or petroleum jelly goes a long way in making your perfume last. Dab a bit on your pulse points and the spray on your perfume. The layer of Vaseline keeps your perfume on longer so you smell fresh through the day

2. Food Trucks
Getting the food right is a big part of planning a successful summer wedding. Instead of a traditional catered affair, you could consider food trucks. Having food trucks means having plenty of options on the menu and it will also help to keep the costs down. Besides, guests will always remember what a cool idea it was. For a summer wedding, a ice cream food truck is sure to be a hit.

For the Guests
1. Red Wine Spill
Accidents happen. But a red wine stain should not ruin your favorite summer dress or shirt. Treat the stain right away by sprinkling a generous amount of salt on it. The salt absorbs the wine so you can have the stain treated later. For a destination wedding, where you can't get to a drycleaner right away, pack a small stain remover.

2. Free Makeup
Summer weddings can be hard on makeup or maybe makeup isn't your thing. Beauty stores and local beauty schools offer free makeup trial. Find out if you need to signup beforehand and arrive at the wedding looking absolutely gorgeous with zero effort.

Have fun at summer weddings with these easy-to-do tips.  
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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

What No One Tells You About Buying an Engagement Ring

Between posting pretty Instagram pictures and posing for perfect engagement photos, buying the right engagement ring and proposing have become a pop culture phenomenon that can put a lot of pressure on couples. Falling in love and wanting to spend your life together is a wonderful and fun process and we're here to tell you that the engagement ring shopping experience can be the same.

The Rules of Engagement Ring Shopping
There's no reasons why you can't go engagement ring shopping together. It's a major purchase and she will be wearing the ring for the rest of her life. If the surprise proposal matters to you or your partner, keep the proposal a surprise, not the ring!

Here's another trend that we're seeing and we love. Tastes in jewelry can be very specific and also your partner may have a certain idea in her mind about how her ring should look. So, a lot of men are buying the diamond or the center stone but not the ring. You can always choose a ring setting or design later and then have the diamond mounted. How does this work? You can have the diamond mounted in a placeholder setting like a simple solitaire and then design her dream setting together.

Remember, it's your day! You set the rules. You don't have to do what everyone else is doing or listen to some arbitrary rules.

Do your research
If you had to buy a new TV or even a car, would you go into a store and buy the first shiny, pretty thing you see? Sounds absurd, doesn't it? You have to put in the same amount of research and hard work into buying a diamond engagement ring. But, here's the thing – it's not as difficult as it sounds. There's a whole world of knowledge out there in the form of blog posts, videos and ebooks. You can even post queries on forums and experts will answer your questions for free! So, don't go into a store blind and be fooled into buying something you don't know the value of by a pushy sales agent. Know your 4Cs like you're studying for a test.

Go Online
Buying an engagement ring online is actually a smart decision. Here's a little secret most jewelers won't tell you: the reason why their diamond engagement rings are so expensive is because of their high markup charges. Good quality diamonds are quite affordable. It's a myth perpetuated by chain jewelry stores that diamonds are prohibitively expensive.

Most online diamond retailers have affordable rings because their markup charges are reasonable (as low as 10% to 20%).  Mall stores and chain jewelers can sometimes mark up their engagement rings up to 200%! These stores have the overhead of sales staff, rent or mortgages, and store upkeep which must be added into the cost of the diamonds. As online retailers don't have to bear these same costs, they pass on the benefit to their customers.

Still Not Sure?
There's always a return policy. Like most online retailers, online diamond retailers also have a return policy. Online stores also have other attractive policies like free shipping and one year warranty. All you have to do is choose your diamond retailer wisely. Established stores that have been in the business for a couple of years and that have positive reviews are as safe as your neighborhood jeweler. If you're worried about whether the ring will fit, most stores also do resizing.  

You can upgrade the diamond. Yes, really!
Don't have the budget for a big diamond right now? You can buy a budget diamond now but upgrade it later. Most online diamond retailers have an upgrade policy. When you return the original diamond, they give you a store credit of the cost of your original stone minus a small restocking fee.

Don't be afraid of customization. Customizing an engagement ring may sound expensive, complicated and something only celebrities do. But, it's not. It actually helps you save and you get exactly what you want.

This is how the customization process works: You pick the diamond and the ring setting separately. The major chunk of your cost is for the diamond or the center stone so do your research and choose the best diamond within your budget. You can have this diamond mounted onto any ring that you like. For example, you buy a beautiful one carat loose diamond. This diamond can be mounted on a solitaire ring or a halo ring.

Unlike pre-set engagement rings where the stone is already mounted, customization allows you to choose the diamond wisely and that's the most important aspect of buying a diamond engagement ring. You can also be sure of the quality of the diamond as you'll know the exact cut, color and clarity grade of your diamond.

Go ahead and buy her the engagement ring she'll love while staying in your budget with these insider tips.

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