Thursday, 14 March 2019

Popular Engagement Ring Settings

In the view of National Proposal Day on the 20th of March, we decided to look at the most popular engagement rings settings. These settings have been around for a while and doesn't look like they'll be going away anytime soon.

Solitaire Ring
The diamond solitaire is the most popular setting in engagement rings. This classic design features a single gemstone, either a diamond or any other precious gemstone like a sapphire or emerald. The gemstone is set with either four or six prongs on a simple band which is also called as the shank of the ring. Solitaire settings are elegant, minimalistic and timeless and their simplicity is really their beauty. They let the diamond or gemstone be the star of the show.

Halo Ring
A halo engagement ring setting has a center gemstone encircled by other small diamonds or gemstones. With the smaller diamonds surrounding the center stone, it appears to bigger than it is. Halo engagement rings also sparkle beautifully. Halo engagement rings are sometimes preferred by budget shoppers because of the visual illusion of appearing bigger than it is.

Three-Stone Ring
The three-stone engagement rings feature a center gemstone with two smaller diamonds on either side. This design has sentimental value as the three stones are said to represent the past, present and future of the relationship. The two side diamonds are approximately half the carat weight as the center diamond. Princess and round cut diamonds look quite beautiful in three stone engagement ring settings but mixing diamond shapes can also result in stunning looks. Trillion cut side diamonds with a princess center diamond or baguette side diamonds with emerald cut center diamond is quite gorgeous.

Side-Stone Ring
Side stone engagement rings feature a center diamond flanked by two or more comparatively smaller diamonds on either side of it. With all the extra sparkle, side stone engagement rings are quite brilliant. You can also opt for birthstone such as sapphires as side stones to add a personalized element to your engagement ring design.

Bridal Sets
A bridal or wedding set is made up of an engagement ring and a matching wedding band. The idea is that they complement each other and look quite consistent. Sometimes engagement and weddings rings, when bought separately can be hard to match. But with a bridal set, both the rings fit perfectly and look great together.

Explore engagement ring settings here to find the right one for you

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Monday, 11 March 2019

If You're Shopping for an Engagement Ring, Don't Make These Mistakes

If you are trying to buy an engagement ring for your fiancĂ© by yourself, we understand it can be difficult. Getting the perfect engagement ring and planning the perfect proposal are a nerve wracking experience. And if you're someone who doesn't know much about jewelry, then the whole process can get confusing and difficult. But don’t worry! We are here to help. These are some common mistakes that men usually make while buying an engagement ring, without help.

Not Considering Her Style
Surprising your partner with the engagement ring may seem like a very romantic thing to do and some partners may prefer it. But we always suggest having a fair idea of her personal style before buying the ring as she will the wearing the ring for a long time.

So, how do you know her style without giving away the surprise? Think about her personal style – does she like to try colors and patterns or does she stick to a classic wardrobe? Her other jewelry can give you a hint. Does she have a lot of vintage, detailed jewelry or does she only have a few pieces that are classic?

If that doesn't help you narrow down on a ring, her social media can give you a big clue to her style. We suggest Pinterest - she may already have a jewelry board. If all else fails, ask her family and friends. Once you know her style, choosing the right engagement ring always become easier.

Not Researching Diamonds At All
Would you buy a car or a TV without any research? So, a diamond ring isn't any different. Walking into a jewelry store without any knowledge about diamonds whatsoever is one of the worst things you can do. Before you even look at diamonds, read up about diamond 4Cs, i.e. Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat.

This isn't as difficult as you think it is. There is so much information available online. If you don't like to read, you will find video tutorials online. An informed decision is the best way to go about buying your engagement ring.

Not Setting a Budget
You have to have a budget. We're not talking about those clichĂ©d guideline that says that you need to spend at least three months’ salary to buy the perfect engagement ring. Engagement rings are available in a wide spectrum of prices - anything from $2000 to $20,000. So, have a budget in mind when you start browsing for rings. Also know that beautiful engagement rings can be found in all budgets - it's a matter of balancing the 4Cs.

Once you're ready with all three, explore to find the ring of her dreams.

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Thursday, 7 March 2019

3 Ways You Can Buy A Great Ring on a Budget

Falling in love is the easy part but buying an engagement ring—that's the tricky part, especially if you’re on a budget! But here's a little truth that most mall jewelers and chain retailers don't tell their customers: Beautiful diamonds and engagement rings can be affordable. Here are three ways you can get the most bang for your bling!

1. Be As Informed As Possible
To get the best deals (and to make sure you're not getting ripped off), you definitely need to know what you are getting into before you go shopping for that dream engagement ring. Buying a diamond and the ring is all about knowing the “4Cs” – cut, color, clarity and carat.

But, even before we get into the 4Cs, let's understand what is diamond grading. With a view to make the diamond trade more fair, there are many independent gemological labs that judge or grade diamonds on the 4Cs. Not all labs are equal in reputation, the GIA, AGS, IGI and HRD are some of the recognized ones. Diamond retailers send their diamonds to be graded to these labs and the labs issue a lab report that is often called a 'certificate'. So, you'll often hear the term 'certified diamonds'.
When you are browsing diamonds, whether in a store or online, choose diamonds that are graded by reputed gemological labs. Their grading system is fair and unbiased and also it becomes easy to compare diamonds across different retailers. Try to avoid diamonds that are graded in-house by the jewelry themselves.   

The very first and the most important factor is the cut. To put it simply, the cut of a diamond decides how much it will sparkle. The GIA grades diamonds as excellent, very good, good, fair and poor. Try to choose the best possible cut grade that you can within your budget. You can compromise on other 4Cs such as clarity or color, but get the best cut grade possible.

Besides the 4Cs, the diamond shape is also an important thing that should factor into your decision. For example, the round brilliant cut diamond has lots of sparkle but so does the princess diamond. The princess diamond also costs less per carat than the round brilliant so be sure to do your research.   
2. Smart Design
If you are on a tight budget, you can still buy a beautiful diamond ring as long as you make smart choices. There are many engagement ring styles to choose from and one of the popular ones is the halo engagement ring. In the halo ring, the center diamond is fully surrounded by smaller diamonds around its perimeter. When looking at the ring, due to the optical illusion the diamond appears to be one big diamond thus you get the look of a big diamond on a budget.

If the halo ring is not your style, you can use other similar optical illusions to get the look of a bigger diamond. Go for a tapered diamond band, where the band narrows around the center diamond. It focuses attention on the center diamond and makes it appear bigger than it is.

Another smart choice you can make is choosing a rose gold or yellow gold engagement ring. Let's go back to the diamond 4Cs for a moment. One of the smartest things shoppers can do is getting a diamond with a slightly warmer tint. These diamonds are cheaper than icy white diamonds. By getting a warmer color, a smart buyer can go big on the carat. They can then set their diamond in a rose gold or yellow gold ring, rather than platinum. What's the logic? A slightly warmer-hued diamond will fit perfectly in the golden warmer shades of rose or yellow gold.   

3. Look beyond traditional retailers
To find the best deal for your diamond engagement ring, you need to be patient and look around a bit and not choose the first thing you see. Besides going to jewelry stores, also check out other platforms like online retailers, estate sales, antique stores and buying pre-loved jewelry.

We recommend browsing online first for the initial research. When you browse online, it is possible to easily compare diamonds offered by different retailers.  Online retailers are actually a good idea when you want a beautiful ring on a budget. People have a misconception that online retailers offer subpar diamond but that's far from the truth. Most diamond retailers, whether they are a local store or an online operation, source their diamonds from the same pool of wholesalers. But online retailers are able to offer diamonds at a much lesser price due to their low cost of operations. Unlike jewelry stores, they don't spend on renting a premium space, upkeep of the store, security or a large sales staff. What most engagement ring shoppers don't realize is the cost of all these overheads is added into the price of their diamonds. When you go online, you get the same quality of diamond but minus the huge mark-up.

Even if you would like to go for a traditional store experience, you must ask about their policies. Do they have a good policy about repairs? Does it apply to smaller accent diamonds as well as the prongs of the ring? These are questions you should be asking. Do read reviews about the store online. How is their workmanship? How is their after-sales experience. Buying an engagement ring is a big decision and these questions are worth asking.

Another very important policy to ask about is the retailer's upgrade policy. An upgrade policy is when you can trade your original diamond for a bigger or better one when you can afford it. Why is this important? Because many young couples dream of buying a gorgeous diamond engagement ring and with an upgrade policy, they eventually can! You can buy a simple half a carat engagement ring but you can always upgrade it to an sparkling 1.5 carat or even a 2.0 carat in a couple of years. Just be sure to check the upgrade policy. It can involve a re-stocking fee or other conditions like buying a diamond that costs twice as much as the original diamond.

Be the smartest shopper you know with these ideas. 

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Monday, 4 March 2019

Top 5 Diamond Shapes for Your Engagement Ring

If you have been considering buying an engagement ring,  we are sure you have heard about the 4Cs. The cut, color, clarity and carat of a diamond are the most important aspects of the diamond buying process. But there is one important step that comes before the 4Cs—diamond shapes! Diamonds are available in lots of different shapes and each diamond shape has its own unique beauty. But first let's understand the difference between diamond shape and diamond cut.

Diamond shape has to do with the overall geometric shape or outline as well as the facet pattern while diamond cut has to do with diamond facets—it's numbers, proportions and alignment.  Diamond shapes are often called round brilliant cut and emerald cut but it's important to know the difference between the two.

Another fact that you should know while starting your diamond buying journey is the two different types of facet patterns: Brilliant cut and Step cut. While you may be familiar with the brilliant faceting of diamond shapes like round, the kind of facets you see in an emerald cut or baguette diamonds is called a step cut. The brilliant cut facets are made for maximizing sparkle, fire and brilliance. The step cut facets arranged much like pyramid steps leading down to the center of the stone are designed to showcase the clarity of diamonds. Both are beautiful but their appeal is different. Brilliant cut diamonds like round are sought after for their sparkle while step cuts like emerald for their understated flashes of fire. Of course, there are shapes like cushion and radiant diamonds that are mixed cuts that combine the beauty of both.

Let's try to understand the advantages of top five diamond shapes for engagement rings: round, emerald, cushion, pear and princess.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Round brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular diamond shape, whether it's for engagement rings or any other type of jewelry. They account for about two thirds of the diamonds sold around the world. The round brilliant diamond’s cut pattern has been perfected down to science. It is the only shape for which the GIA gives a cut grade. This is because the brilliance or light performance of a round brilliant diamond can be predicted accurately by its facet pattern and proportions. It is a great choice for engagement rings because, all those mirror-like reflecting facets hide imperfections. A smart shopper can therefore compromise on clarity and gain on carat size.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

The emerald cut diamond is named so due to its cutting technique which is the same as the way an emerald is cut. The emerald cut is a step cut diamond. The other one being asscher diamonds and baguette diamonds. So, instead of tiny mirror-like facets, the emerald cut diamond has long facets that are cut parallel. It leads to a stunning hall of mirrors effect. The emerald cut diamond is mostly rectangular with cropped corners. The cropped corners help to prevent chipping. When choosing an emerald diamond, you cannot compromise on the clarity. Due to the long facets and larger table facet, choose a diamond with superior clarity.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

The cushion cut diamond is a mixed cut so it has a combination of brilliant faceting and the step facets of an emerald. This diamond is square with rounded edges, which makes it look like a cushion and so the name. Cushion cut diamonds have gained a lot of popularity lately, whether it's for engagement rings or earrings. These diamonds can have two distinctive looks. The antique cushions have well-defined facets or the cushions with the crushed ice effect. Antique stones do well in vintage-inspired jewelry settings like rings with milgrain borders or engraving.

Pear Shaped Diamonds

The pear diamond is rounded on one side and it narrows to a definite point, on the other side, like a teardrop. When choosing a pear diamond, symmetry is very important as symmetry affects its brilliance. The pear diamond can have an elongated or chubby profile. Both looks are appealing so it really all comes down to personal choice.

Princess Cut Diamonds

The princess cut diamond was at one time the second most popular diamond shape for engagement rings. It has all the sparkle of a round diamond in a square shape. Although princess cut diamonds are traditionally square, you may find them in slightly rectangular shapes. The corners of princess cut diamonds are sharp 90 degree corners and they may be prone to chipping. Most engagement rings for princess cut diamonds come with V prongs that are designed to protect the corners. Due to the way princess diamonds are cut, they cost less per carat than round brilliant diamonds. This makes them an excellent choice for budget engagement ring shoppers.

We hope we have made the buying process a little more easy and fun with these ideas.

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Thursday, 28 February 2019

Did You Know 20th March is National Proposal Day?

A day for proposing? Yes, really!
John Michael O'Loughlin came up with the idea for the day because his cousin's boyfriend wouldn't pop the all-important question after years of dating.

OK. I get it. But, why the 20th of March?
It's actually a pretty significant date. 20th March is Spring Equinox. On 20th March, day and night are of equal lengths across the world. We think it's pretty significant as marriage is an equal partnership.

So, is 20th March the day YOU get down on one knee?
The answer could be a YES, if you and your partner have been talking about marriage. The spring equinox has a wonderful significance.

OK. I'm going to do it! What's next?
Buying her dream engagement ring is the next step. If you start today, you'll have plenty of time to choose and make sure the ring arrives before the 20th of March. Also, we recommend choosing a ring together or at least getting her inputs. The proposal is the surprise, the ring should not be!

But, I'm on a budget.
That diamond engagements are expensive is an untruth perpetuated by chain retailers and mall jewelers. The truth is that you can find a beautiful diamond engagement ring at any budget. And, finding a ring becomes all the more easy once you understand the 4Cs. Give our jewelry advisors a call on 1-866-522-2539 or visit to find a ring that fits your budget.

Get started on the dream proposal today!

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Monday, 25 February 2019

Everything to Know About Pear Diamond Engagement Rings

Pear diamond engagement rings are a great choice for people who are looking for a change from the conventional classic designs and want their engagement ring to stand out! Even though uncommon, pear shaped diamonds show up a lot in celebrity engagement rings. People like Victoria Beckham, Jessica Simpson, Anna Kournikova and Katherine Heigl have all shown off their pear cut engagement rings! The pear cut diamond is mostly used for pendants and earrings and that’s what makes a pear shaped engagement ring so unique and special! Before you buy yourself a pear shaped bling here is everything you need to know.

A pear shaped diamond is a ‘fancy’ shape. ‘Fancy’ diamonds are stones that are not the common round brilliant shape. A pear cut is basically a round brilliant at one end and a pointy marquise at the other end. You can considerable save from getting yourself a pear shaped diamond than a round brilliant because of its comparatively less popularity and lenient rules around what makes an ideal shape. Even though fancy stones can reduce the fire of a diamond, the pear shape retains almost as much sparkle as the brilliant shapes like princess cut and round brilliant because after all, one halve of a pear cut is in fact a shimmering brilliant cut.

Would it Suit You?
Because a pear shaped diamond is longer than other diamonds cuts it may appear larger compared to other stones of the exact same carat weight, which is a great thing if you are looking for a big rock for your engagement ring! A pear cut engagement ring especially looks good if you have short fingers or small hands. Because when worn, the pointy marquise end of a pear cut diamond faces downwards it makes your fingers look more slender and elegant. If you are looking for an engagement ring with such elongating effects then definitely go for it!

Prong or No Prong?
Definitely prong! Pear shaped diamonds need prongs especially at the pointed end of it because that is where it’s likely to chip the most. Also, the point of a pear cut diamond is the closest to the outer end of the once rough stone and so natural flaws and inclusion may be visibly present. But when covered with prongs at the pointy marquise end, the inclusions will completely be invisible on your engagement ring.

Ring Settings
Classic, minimalistic and dainty – You can’t go wrong with a solitaire pear engagement ring! To get the most sparkle in a budget friendly way go for a chic solitaire rock!

Little diamonds set in the band of your engagement ring with the elegant pear cut diamond shining in the middle is a great way to add the maximum amount of sparkle to your beautiful ring!

Pear shaped diamonds make the most beautiful vintage engagement rings! Pair it with a halo setting and add a little milgrain effect to it and you have the most breathtaking ring ever!

If you or your partner often partake in outdoor activities and are looking for an engagement ring setting that will give you the most protection and security then a bezel setting is the way to go! For an added amount of sparkle you can always pair it with a pave band.

We hope you find the perfect pear shaped engagement ring to hold on to forever – Till death do you apart! Haha!
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Thursday, 21 February 2019

How to Get the Best Diamond Engagement Ring for Your Budget - Part 2

Be sure to check out part one of this series. There is one simple way to get your dream ring in your budget and that is choosing the right ring setting. 

Think of the diamond engagement ring as being made up of two parts - the center diamond and the rest of the ring. The rest of the ring is called the ring setting. Jewelers make the final ring by mounting a diamond on the setting with the help of prongs and other parts. Here's a little something that many first-time buyers are unaware of. You can buy the diamond and the ring separately.

Even if you buy the diamond and the ring setting from the same retailer, buying them separately is a smart decision. Firstly, you get complete control over the quality of the diamond. You can choose exactly according to your requirements. The second part is you also know what part of the price is for the diamond and what part is for the setting. If you're on a tight budget, you can put more towards a good quality diamond and an affordable setting. A setting can be upgraded later but you're still getting a lovely engagement ring right now.

Another tip is to choose the right setting. For example, a halo setting is a good choice for budget shoppers who want the big diamond look without having to pay for it. In a halo setting, small diamonds fully surround the center diamond. This tricks the eye into thinking it is one big diamond. These smaller diamonds are very sparkly so the optical illusion is quite convincing.

The smaller diamonds are known as melee diamonds and they are less expensive than bigger diamonds. So it would be less expensive to choose a 0.90 carat center diamond and then have it mounted in a halo ring setting than buying a 1 carat diamond and then mounting it into a simple ring. The center diamond in the halo ring looks just a big as 1 carat diamond due to the illusion.

Think of buying an engagement ring as making any other big purchase such as a car. Would you buy a car without any research or from the first dealership you walk into? If you do your research and stay open minded to new ideas, you will get the best ring for whatever budget you set. Be the smartest shopper you know with these ideas.

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Monday, 18 February 2019

How to Get the Best Diamond Engagement Ring for Your Budget - Part 1

You pride yourself on getting the best deals on everything from your grocery shopping to buying your home. So, why does your engagement ring have to be any different? An engagement ring is a big-ticket purchase and you should be smart about getting the best one for your budget. Let's get started on that note—the budget.

The Budget
Only you can decide your budget for the ring. Forget about what you may have heard about how much you SHOULD spend. Most of that advice is outdated anyway (think three months salary) and possibly a clever advertising ploy to get you to spend more. And whatever budget you set, whether it's $2000 or $20,000, know that you can get a beautiful diamond engagement ring in that specified budget—this brings us to our next point.

Diamonds are actually not quite as expensive as jewelry chains and mall jewelers will have you believe. Most brick and mortar retailers markup their diamonds, sometimes up to 200%. They have huge overhead costs like renting a store in a premium location, upkeep of the store and supporting a large sales staff. All these expenses are added into the price of the diamond ring. So, how do you get a sparkling diamond engagement ring minus these expenses? Go online.

Buy From Online Retailers
Online jewelry retailers operate without the huge overhead costs of traditional brick and mortar jewelry stores. So, they are able to keep their markup reasonable and they pass on the benefit to you—the customer! A reputed online jewelry store is just as safe to buy from as a trusted brick and mortar jewelry store.

There is a often a mistaken belief that the diamonds available online are not as good as the ones available in stores. But, smart shoppers know that is far from the truth. Actually, most retailers, be it online retailers or mall jewelers, get their diamonds from the same set of wholesalers at about the same cost. It's just that online retailers don't add that much markup because of the way they operate. So, when you go to a traditional store, you are essentially seeing a similar inventory but priced way more! The quality of the diamonds overall would be the same.

Another benefit of buying online is that the prices are clearly listed! Many retailers, especially the ones related to the wedding industry, don't display prices clearly. They do so in the hopes that buyers will fall in love with that dress or that ring and they are more likely to buy it whether or not it's in their budget. When you browse for rings online, not only are the prices mentioned but you can filter out rings that are not in your budget.

Competitive Market
One of the ways online retailers keep their operating costs down is by maintaining a virtual inventory. How does that work? Retailers will lists diamonds on their website that are currently in possession of their partner wholesalers. As soon as a customer expresses interest in a diamond, the retailers get in touch with the wholesaler and the diamond is put on hold while the customer finishes the payment process.

How does this help the customers? It helps in three ways. One, since the retailers don't buy the diamond until an order comes in, they are able to keep their operating costs down to offer the end-consumer affordable diamonds. Two, maintaining a virtual inventory allows the retailer to list a huge number of diamonds at various price points and of course qualities. More the choice a consumer has, the better the chances of buying a diamond that fits their requirements and budget. One of the frustrating parts about traditional jewelry stores is having to choose your diamond ring from the limited inventory available in the store. When you shop online, beautiful diamonds from around the world are available to you at the click of a mouse.

The third advantage is a competitive market. Online retailers often share virtual inventories that means they are competing against each other for the same diamond. So, if you like a diamond, be sure to browse different online retailers. You may just find the same diamond listed for less with another retailer. The tough competition is actually a huge gain for the consumer.

We have one more tip for you so be sure to check out part 2 of this post.
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Monday, 11 February 2019

Discover Amethyst, the February Birthstone

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a February girl, Amethyst jewelry is it! In fact birthstone jewelry for any month is sure to delight your family and friends because it shows the personalized thought you put into choosing the gift.

Let's talk Amethyst! It is said to bring tranquility into the life of the wearer (and in this cold wintery month, they could definitely use it). The beautiful, vibrant purple hue of the gemstone is another bonus in the cold, dark month of February.

Amethyst is a type of quartz and it is found all over the world including the United States. It often forms in geodes and in cavities of granite rocks. Although, the deep, rich purple is the most popular hue of the gemstone, it occurs in a whole spectrum of purple. Ranging from a pale pinkish purple to the deep hue we have come to associate with amethyst. Actually a rough crystal of Amethyst can have a range of colors and the way it is cut decides the final color of the gemstone.

The gorgeous February birthstone ranks 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Therefore it is not as tough as a diamond which ranks a 10 or a sapphire which ranks 9 but it can definitely be used for special and everyday jewelry. But do be careful that you don't store Amethyst jewelry along with diamond jewelry in such a way that the diamond can chip the gentler gemstone.

The lovely shade of Amethyst goes well with warm and cool metal settings. Take a look at our Amethyst solitaire rings which are set in white gold and rose gold. They are both gorgeous and show the versatility of the gemstone.


If you're looking for a statement ring, we have an absolutely delightful ring in our Amethyst collection. An east-west ring, it features detailed scroll work on the band with an oxidized finish.


Take a look at the rest of our collection to choose something thoughtful and personalized.

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Thursday, 7 February 2019

Ideas for a Memorable Valentine's Day Proposal

Proposing on Valentine's day is tricky. On one hand, it is a romantic day but if your girlfriend is expecting the proposal, there's no element of surprise. So, how do you make your proposal story something she'll love sharing? Throw her off the scent!

Make plans for Valentine's Day as you normally would have. Make dinner reservations or plan a trip. But add a little element of surprise in your plans. For example, if you have made dinner reservations, why not propose on the way there? Ask her to check for something in the glove box and keep the ring there. Make sure your car is clean and smells nice for this special moment! 

There are plenty of ways you can pull off a wonderful Valentine's Day proposal without her expecting it.

Recreate the First Date

You'll need a little planning to pull this off. You have to remember and recreate the little details for an unforgettable proposal. What did you eat? Did you guys do anything special? If you went to a restaurant, request the same table and perhaps the same menu. You'll need to talk to the restaurant management so planning in advance is key here. While a lot of times, the proposal comes during dessert or with champagne, skip this part to keep the element of surprise. While your girlfriend is basking in the happy glow, propose on the way back home. Since, you didn't get down on one knee in the restaurant, she will be in for a surprise.

If you had a movie date, pick a romantic movie she would love to see. (There's always one playing around Valentine's Day.) You can consider booking the whole movie hall for a definite surprise. The point of this type of proposal is to spring it on her when she is least expecting it. So, don't have the waiter bring your ring during dessert and definitely don't slip it in the champagne glass. Pretend the evening has come to an end and do it then! It will be a lovely surprise after a wonderful day.       

An Outdoor Proposal

Not all Valentine's Day proposals have to be in a restaurant. How about the great outdoors? It's a nice spot for a romantic proposal if you guys are outdoorsy. Does your girlfriend love to hike? Or how about a scenic early morning jog in the park? You'll have to check the spot out before the big day to make sure everything will go off right. Is it too windy or too cold? If it is snowing where you live, take advantage of the beautiful snow-covered landscape to plan a beautiful proposal.

There are a couple of things you have to keep in mind while planning the outdoor proposal. Keep the ring in a secure spot. If you're out jogging or hiking, secure the ring in a zippered bag. Remember that the weather can play spoilsport, so have a backup plan.       

Proposal at Home

If your girlfriend is shy, a proposal in a restaurant or a public place may not be her favorite thing. You can plan an original and memorable proposal right at home. How about dinner and a movie at home? Spend some time and thought on the dinner. If you're not particularly fond (or skilled) at cooking, you can order her favorite food home. Set a nice table. It's easy to do. If you need inspiration, check online. There are plenty of sites that offer tips on how to set a beautiful table. After the dinner, skip the usual DVD on the TV and instead set up a projector in the backyard. The idea has a definite romantic appeal. You can even set up the dinner table in the backyard if you're proposing at home. 

Invite Friends and Family

If it is important for you to involve family and friends, you can plan an epic proposal with all your loved ones involved. The key of this proposal is to keep it a secret. Tell family and friends to keep it under wraps for the ultimate surprise.

Breakfast in Bed Proposal

Many women expect the whole dinner-champagne proposal routine. You can get a jumpstart on the day and propose at breakfast. A thoughtfully-made breakfast in bed is a sweet way to propose. Put all of her favorites on the breakfast tray, right from her perfect cup of coffee to her favorite flowers. If you check online, many bakeries offer to have delectable baked goodies shipped frozen like frozen tarts. All you have to do is defrost and warm them. Consider making an early morning coffee run to her favorite barista. Uncover the dishes one by one with flourish and save the ring for last. For this proposal, make sure you know your girlfriend's schedule. If she's a early riser who likes to run, you may want to consider a different route.

Proposal Dos and Don'ts
This is a day you will always remember so do have fun. Don't sweat the small stuff. Anticipate some glitches in your plan and prepare for them.

Don't hide the ring in any spot where it may get lost. Her dessert, champagne, etc. are a big NO.

Do think about your bride-to-be's tastes and not conventional ideas. If she's not the kind who'll appreciate a very public display of emotion, stay away from restaurant proposals.

Do consider capturing the moment. If your girlfriend keeps a scrapbook or loves sharing photos on social media, a photographer or a friend documenting the moment on video will be appreciated.

Plan a wonderful Valentine's Day proposal with these ideas.

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