Tuesday 12 December 2017

How To Choose A Royal Engagement Ring

The news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle getting married has all of us swooning with romance and excitement! The Oh-so-charming Prince gifted his now fiancĂ©, a marvelous three-stone engagement ring, which appears to have a cushion-cut center diamond set in a yellow gold band. The most beautiful and romantic part of it is that the center stone was mined in the country Botswana, where the couple traveled together after they began dating as the country holds great romantic significance for the couple. Also, the two diamonds on either side on the center stone are from the Prince’s deceased mother – Princess Diana’s personal collection. It cannot get more dreamy and thoughtful that this!

If you are thinking of buying an engagement ring as royal as Meghan Markle’s, here are 3 three-stone ring styles similar to the royal engagement ring!

Classic Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring in18K Yellow Gold

This style is almost exactly identical to Meghan Markle’s engagement ring. This engagement ring is minimalist in the best ways and even though it has three diamonds on it, it does not look flashy or “too much”! You cannot possibly go wrong with the classic three-stone diamond engagement ring.

Three-Stone Petite Trellis Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

This amazingly striking engagement ring can be set in an elegant platinum, white gold or yellow gold band. The sweeping trellis design adds to the romance (and sparkle) of the gorgeous three stone design.

Three-Stone Pave Gallery Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

This diamond engagement ring is good balance of classic and modern. This ring has details of pavé-set diamonds in the gallery which makes for a beautiful side profile. The three-stone pave gallery diamond engagement ring is also immensely sparkly and breathtaking!

Here are some more ways that you could create a wonderful custom engagement ring, just like Prince Harry did!

Symbolic Details
The little things make all the difference in life and in engagement rings! You could add gemstones on the band of the ring as a personal touch. It could be her birthstone or a color that holds significance for the two of you. You could also get a significant date or words inscribed on the inside of the ring as a remembrance of a beautiful time.

Fancy Color Diamonds
You can create a very unique ring by choosing a fancy color diamond as the center stone. A fancy color diamond is formed when there is an anomaly in the diamond forming process. These diamonds can be bright yellow, pink and even blue sometimes. These stones are quite rare, which makes it even more special and magical.

We hope we could help you find or instill in your creative ideas for the perfect engagement ring! We hope your time together in marriage is as royal as your wonderfully royal engagement ring.

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