Tuesday 1 May 2018

May Birthstone – The Enchanting Emerald

The green gemstone is one of the most popular gemstones used in jewelry today among diamond, sapphire and ruby. Even though there are other green gemstones in the world like peridot and tourmaline, the bluish-green of an emerald has always won the most hearts! These stones are mined in quite a few places around the world including Colombia, Zambia, Afghanistan and Brazil. Emeralds are from the Beryl family. So the light green stones are called green beryls and not emeralds. True emerald is supposed to be a piercing shade of green – The deeper the color, the most expensive the stone will be.

Real emeralds always tend to have some inclusions. If an emerald does not have inclusions it is very likely to be a synthetic version of the gem. These stones usually come with a lot scratches and damages on its surface and so the GIA estimates that 90% of all emeralds are treated with oils and resins to have a smoother surface. It is a very normal and natural process. Jaipur in India is one of the largest emerald cutting centers of the world today.

This magnificent little stone comes with a lot of history. The oldest emeralds are about 2.97 billion years old and they were the first ever known emeralds were mined in Egypt around 1500 BC. It is well documented that Cleopatra absolutely loved these green gemstones! Emeralds have always had a very mysterious and magical energy. The Romans associated the stone to Venus – The Goddess of Love. It was said to be the stone of growth and spring!

The Spanish were the ones to trade emeralds across Asian and European countries after they discovered them in South America in the 19th century. It then opened up emerald trade to the rest of the world.

There are many interesting stories and lore about this beautiful gemstone. Ancient folklore believed that placing an emerald under one’s tongue would help them see the future. Other cultures promised that the stone would protect you from memory loss and enhance your intuitions. Some even believed it to act like a truth potion that helped decipher if a lover’s vows were true or false.

In the medieval times, Christians associated the green gemstone to Lucifer, the devil. They said the stone was from Lucifer’s crown. However the stone was believed to be positive and help you be honest and always speak the truth.

In the modern world the emerald still has many symbolic values than give the gemstone a deeper meaning. Emeralds are said to give you an insight into the person you truly are, open your heart chakra to help you experience unconditional love and helps you attract wisdom and true knowledge. It’s also said to enhance your well-being and growth, nature and harmony.

Because an emerald has inclusions it is not advised to clean the stone in an ultrasonic cleaner. Instead these should be cleaned with warm water, rinsed and wiped with a soft cloth after it has dried completely.

We hope you love your eye-catching green gemstone!

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