Tuesday 30 October 2018

How To Plan A Magical Thanksgiving Proposal

Thanksgiving – a day of gratitude, love and joy ... also the day to propose to your special someone? Why not?! A happy occasion of delicious food and family is perfect to express your love and hope for togetherness. We are here to help you plan a beautiful proposal that will always exist in your cherished memories.

A Video-Memento 
There are just so many ways to do this one. You could make a compilation of all the videos and photos that you have together and pair it with a voice over or a favorite romantic song. Or you could ask family and friends to record short, loving messages. Play it after the dinner - when everyone is happy, full and content and she's not expecting it! When the video finishes and her eyes are glistening with happy-tears, you kneel down and ask her the question! This can only go right.

A Tree Lighting Ceremony!
Thanksgiving is the time when most towns light their town Christmas tree and it’s just the most romantic thing ever! You could make a date out this! Bring some wine, or even better – hot chocolate! And as the lights go on, look into her eyes and pop the question.

A Custom Ring in an Ordinary Moment
Another great way to propose is to do it when she’s not expecting it AT ALL. Maybe while you’re shopping for the thanksgiving dinner or are in the kitchen together in the afternoon; make the most of an insignificant moment! Hold her hand and look into her eyes. While she’s wondering what’s this about, kneel down and surprise her with a personalized ring that fills her heart with love, joy and memories. Get started on your design process here.

Go out!
Bundle up and go out because it's beautiful. You could pop the question while you’re out for a walk, or on a drive to look at houses with their lights up. At the end, kiss her passionately and ask her to marry you!


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