Monday 22 July 2019

How to Find the Right Engagement Ring Size

We normally know our shoe size and clothes size but have never had to measure our ring size. So we can understand how anxious you might be while trying to discreetly buy an engagement ring for your significant other when the measurement of the ring is the most important thing! Here are some ways that you can find your partner’s right ring size to ensure nothing goes wrong while buying your perfect engagement ring!

Understand Ring Size
It is true that when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands, size DOES matter! The standard measurement of rings is in millimeters and based on the inner circumference of the band. All jewelers follow this standard scale so that a woman’s size 6 is the same from retailer to retailer. However, have you ever bought the same sized jeans from different brands and not have it fit the same way? That is the case with rings as well. 

Ring sizing can get a bit complicated when you consider the variations that come with different regions. The United States and Canada normally follows a numerical scale with half and quarter sizes, but other countries may follow an alphabetical scale that only uses complete sizes and have a set of circumference adjustments. Make sure you find these details out before placing an order for your engagement ring at the jeweler.

A Researched Guess
Women’s ring sizes typically range from 3 to 9 and the most commonly purchased ring sizes are from 5 to 7. The size 6 in rings is the most bought and popular. The sizes in men’s rings typically range from 8 to 14, and the most bought ring sizes range from 8 to 10.5, size 9 being the most popular and purchased. Evaluate and determine your partner’s finger type. If their fingers are more slender than average then size down from the average ring size, and vice versa. If you are buying your engagement ring online, you will most definitely be offered a 30 days return policy or even an extended one unless it is a special order.

Use another Ring
If your partner wears a ring already, ideally on the ring finger of her left hand you can secretly take it as a reference to the jewelers. If she does not wear the ring every day then it should not be a problem to take it out of her jewelry box for a few hours to determine the size at the shop. But if she wears the ring often and you want to be discreet, then it may be a bit more complicated. Be vigilant and make use of the moment she takes off the ring to get in the shower or before going to bed. Press the ring into a piece of wet clay or bar of soap and take that to the jeweler, who will then compare the imprint and determine your partner’s ring size.

Tie a Literal Knot
Wrapping a printable ring sizing strip with measurements on it or tying a string around your partner’s finger while she’s sleeping or in a funny, playful moment will also help you find the size for your engagement ring.

Let the Girls Know
If your partner has married or engaged friends, ask them to pass their rings around for the other girls to try on while hanging out together, and have someone notice and make note of which ring fits your partner better than the others!

Most engagement rings can be sized up or down but often the process reduces the ring’s integrity. If nothing works, consider compromising a bit and taking her with you to the jewelers and making a date out of it! There is no way your engagement ring can go wrong then!


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