Friday 17 April 2020

Jewelry skinny dipping!

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"C'mon in!  The water's fine" - you've heard the line before - the reassurances from someone who has committed to an act while you may remain unsure. You may be sheepishly standing on the dock, not quite certain how to proceed. Maybe you have always been the 'safe' one - not quite willing to make the dive into the water.

Let's take it one step further, eh?  

Maybe it is moon-lit and we are talking about a group of young 20-somethings who have decided to go for a midnight swim! The water is dark and the boldest among you has proclaimed it to be a great night for.... you guessed it ... skinny dipping!

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Oh MY!  

Now, not only do you have to convince yourself to step out and join the fun, but you have to do it completely unadorned. 

But wait a minute...

Maybe YOU'RE the person who jumps first, then reassures others that "the water is fine."  Perhaps you are the risk taker - bold and unafraid. Good for you! In this situation you are treading water, laughing, the chill of the lake still settling into your skin as you try to get the others to join you.

Maybe you've been in this situation, maybe not - but it certainly applies to your jewelry, doesn’t it?.  Have you considered taking your jewelry skinny-dipping? 

No, No, No.

Stop. Not LITERALLY skinny-dipping with your valuable gems, but perhaps figuratively? In the comfort of your own safe-places.

Every piece we own draws attention based upon its unique personality. Individually, it has inherent charm, charisma, and beauty. Sometimes, the largest personality in your collection wants to be bold – jump off the dock, as it were, completely naked for the world to see. When you wear it - do you accessorize it?  Is your beautiful wedding ring accompanied by bands on either side?  Do you wear a magnificent pendant surrounded by complimentary chains?

How about putting on some favorite earrings, bracelets and rings... and nothing else?

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Do it.

Take your favorite pieces skinny dipping.  Unadorned and unaccompanied by accessories or (gasp) any other jewelry? Can you imagine your favorite studs without a necklace, bracelet, or additional jewelry on your hands? What about taking that beautiful gemstone, on a single chain around your neck with nothing else to draw the eye?

Scary? Unconventional?  “Gasp… I would NEVER!” 

Would you? Could you?

Free yourself, and your jewelry... Take a piece skinny dipping soon.

C’mon – give it a try! The water’s fine!

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