Thursday 28 May 2015

Simple Steps on How to Choose Matching Bridal Sets

A wedding ring set is a wonderful idea for your wedding. Your wedding band and engagement ring are something you will always cherish so it’s important that they complement each other well. Many online retailers offer matching bridal sets so here are some simple steps to help you choose the perfect one.

The first step is to look for a wedding ring set depending on your needs and personal style. Matching bridal sets are a good choice as the engagement ring is perfectly complemented by the wedding band. These ring sets look beautiful and are thoughtful as you can wear both your engagement ring and your wedding band together.

You can also opt for a trio wedding ring set. In this wedding ring set the bride’s engagement ring and wedding band as well as the groom’s wedding band are all perfectly matched. These rings make a beautiful style statement and they are ideal for expressing your love for each other.

The next step while browsing through matching bridal sets is to think about the shape and size of the ring and the band. Look for matching bridal sets that perfectly balanced in terms of shape and size. The wedding band should wrap around the center diamond on the engagement ring. This pattern helps to showcase the beautiful diamond and it also makes it easy to wear the band and the ring together. The size of the wedding band also matters in a wedding ring set. The band should be similarly sized as the engagement ring for a visual balance.

Considerations about the color, cut and setting of the diamonds are the other steps of choosing a wedding ring set. All the factors have to come together for your wedding ring set to be unique and beautiful.

Pre-set matching bridal sets also take into consideration the arrangement of the diamonds. If the engagement ring features a three-stone arrangement or a cluster arrangement, the same design can be mimicked in the matching wedding band. The band of the wedding ring set can also feature subtle pave setting diamonds to balance the striking arrangement of the engagement ring. 

Another important step to consider while choosing a wedding ring set is the cut of the engagement rings and wedding bands in the matching bridal sets. A beautiful emerald-cut engagement ring can be perfectly balanced by a wedding band with baguette-cut diamonds of a smaller size. The cuts are similar so they offer visual harmony. A wedding ring set with the same cut also makes for a gorgeous style statement. 

If you’re looking for a fancy color engagement ring, choose a wedding ring set with a simple wedding band to highlight the color diamond. The setting is the next step of choosing matching bridal sets. An engagement ring with a four-prong or six-prong setting can be beautifully offset with a pave setting or even a channel setting.

A trio wedding ring set or a set with matching his and her wedding band is also a good choice for the modern bride and broom. These simple steps will help you choose matching bridal sets with ease.


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