Thursday 21 April 2011

Loose Diamonds At Your Affordable Price

First of all I would like to say that diamond is one of the most coveted stone which is adored by all. Women are first to love them with first priority among everything. Actually diamond jewelries are expensive because of its tremendous incredible features than other stones. Looking at these ravishing jewelries remind us about the royal culture of queen and princess embracing themselves with diamond accessories.

Nowadays it has become easy to afford diamond accessory. But mostly people get confuse whether they should opt for entire piece of jewelry or loose diamonds. My suggestion would be go for loose diamonds because they are less expensive than the entire jewelries. They have couple of valuable advantages.

The useful advantageous are very simple to understand. The first thing is of course the cost which has to set and fit your wallet. You will get in affordable rate then other entire piece of jewelry. Next thing is the varieties with different shapes. In market there are numerous shapes such as princess cut, radiant cut, marquise cut, emerald cut and many other which can be of ultimate choice.

You can verify the setting before it is placed in the metal. The setting and clasp according to the diamond shape can be done with the help of loose diamonds. Sometime you want to surprise your partner with diamond accessory but that incident might change into nightmare if she dislikes it. Thus its better you can the loose diamond and gift her.

After all it’s going to be her call whether what kind of designs she will like to place into. Loose diamonds need to be checked enormous time with the 4C’s factors. They denote color, cut, clarity and carat. The color of the diamond can vary into different colors from red, green, yellow, blue etc. But I can say colorless diamonds look stylish and royal.

Carat always determines the weight of the diamond. Bigger the size then of course price graph going to rise. Clarity always determines the presence of illusions and impurities inside the stone. Thus these all kind of significant characteristic has to be checked before you purchase loose diamonds.

At last I would like to say look out for GIA certificated diamonds which can give you the assurance of genuine piece of loose diamonds. It stands for Gemological Institute of America which is one of the most reliable institutes for identifying the originality of diamond.

Our B2CJewels have 50000 varieties of loose diamonds. Visit our online website for various shapes of loose diamonds. We assure you will give you the best deal for your dollar. Independent appraisal report is present in other jewelries.


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