Friday 18 March 2016

Romantic Easter Proposal Ideas

Easter represents new life and rebirth and so can your marriage proposal! Often overlooked, Easter is a wonderful time to propose. It's beautiful outside and  having passed a standard Christmas, New Year’s or a Valentine’s Day proposal, your girlfriend will probably be surprised by a proposal on Easter. So, if you are thinking of popping the question this Easter, here are some romantic possibilities.

A Special Easter Basket 

Put together a romantic Easter basket full of your future mate’s favorite things – chocolates, beautifully decorated eggs or candy eggs, flowers and more. At the bottom of the basket, hide the box holding her ring. Ask her to look for her gifts one by one. Once she gets to the bottom, she will be overjoyed to find the surprise in the basket.

Say It With a Special Easter Cupcake 

Order cupcakes for your fiancĂ©-to-be as desserts after a scrumptious Easter lunch. You can have “marry me” written on the cupcakes with frosting. Conversation hearts or a cupcake topper also work if don't want to give away the surprise till the end of the meal. Make sure to get her favorite flavor and topping. If you bake, make the cupcakes yourself. These personalized Easter cupcakes will surely add a sweet touch to your proposal.

Hide the Ring in an Easter Egg

Convince your girlfriend to go on an Easter Egg hunt! If your family has an egg hunt for kids, it will be easy for you to convince your bride-to-be to hunt along. If not, propose a fun hunt around your home. Hide the ring inside one of the Easter eggs and have her open the eggs one by one, to discover a ring inside! Go all out and have a beautiful spread set up for a delicious lunch after the egg hunt. Keep some bubbly handy for celebrating after.

Propose in Church after Easter Sunday Mass

If you and your partner attend church on Easter Sunday, it's an excellent time to propose. Once the prayer service is over, lean over and pop the golden question, before you exchange your festive greetings. If it's a yes, place the ring on her finger and celebrate Easter and a marriage proposal she'll never forget.

Propose During the Easter Lunch

If your family gathers for a traditional Easter lunch, it is also a wonderful time to pop the question. You can even invite your girlfriend's family so they can be there to share the special moment. The wonderful thing about this proposal is that all our loved ones will be there and your partner won't suspect why they are all there!

Easter is such a magical time, and your bride-to-be will surely love the spring-time proposal. Just keep in mind your partner's likes when proposing. If she doesn't like to be the center of attention, propose when it's just of the two of you. You can share the news later with your family and friends. If the two of you celebrate all major events with family and friends, it may be fun to propose with all your loved ones around.

We hope these ideas inspire you to plan a wonderful proposal.


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