Friday 25 March 2016

Tips for a More Sustainable Easter Celebration

Easter celebrates the gift of life. More than chocolates, bunnies and eggs, Easter is about giving and being grateful to one another. While reinforcing the true meaning of the holiday, here are few tips on how you can have a more healthy and a sustainable holiday.

Reuse Gift Baskets
Save Easter baskets every year rather than throwing them away. Don’t buy a new Easter basket every year! Reuse your baskets from year to year to help the environment and save some money. There’s no point in buying something new every year that gets so little wear! If you do have to buy a basket, look for used ones in yard sales or sustainable ones made of natural fiber.

Avoid Plastic Easter Eggs
It’s really important to avoid plastic eggs as they can't go into the recycling bins. Papier mache eggs are a good option instead and making them is a fun Easter time activity for the kids. Instead of store-bought candy eggs, make yummy chocolate Easter eggs at home. There are many methods to make homemade eggs using, fruits, milk, butter cream, nuts etc. You can also check the easiest cooking method online that you can follow, and celebrate a healthy Easter Sunday by serving homemade eggs.

If you still want your kids to have  plastic eggs, there are plenty of ideas online for upcycling them after Easter. From toy teacups  and candle holders, to stylish home decorations, there are many great ideas available online.

Go Organic
Fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables are an integral part of the Easter meal, and should naturally be organic. Exotic produce which is transported over long distances impact the climate considerably. So it’s best to choose fruits and vegetables that are cultivated locally.
Even organic candy treats help protect the environment. There are many organic candy options available online and you can also check your local health food store. Shopping organic will help you make a healthier choice for your family.

Do not waste food
Easter is about celebrating the day with delicious food. Controlling the amount on your plate controls the amount in the garbage. Start with a small serving and go for seconds only if you want more. Get creative and give yesterday’s dinner a new life in a new recipe. Transform grilled chicken, veggies or steak into burgers, pizzas, sandwiches or pasta salad. This is will help you control food wastage substantially. Lowering food waste will help the environment, and also save you a lot of money.

Donate or Volunteer
A simple way to celebrate the holiday is to make a difference in the world. Consider making a donation to a non-profit organization or volunteer in a soup kitchen. You can also give away some of your things, such as toys, books, clothes, bags, shoes etc. to organizations that help those who are in need. In these small ways you can fill someone’s heart with happiness, and also celebrate the spirit of Easter in the true sense.

Choose decorations that can be recycled or instead of buying new decorations every year, you can involve your kids to make your own Easter decorations from things you have at home. Plastic bottles crafts, paper garlands/flowers, banners, holiday cards, candle holders etc. can be easily made at home. Moreover, these homemade decorations will add a warm radiance to your home that can't be replaced with store-bought decorations.

As they say, every bit helps! So we hope our simple tips help you have an eco-friendly and healthy Easter this year. Happy Easter!


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