Tuesday 7 June 2016

Father's Day 2016 - How to Make It the Best Day Ever!

Father's Day is around the corner and we know you want to make the day memorable for dad. So, how do you go about making it the best day ever? Spend the day with dad, doing things he loves and end the day with a gift he'll love. Here are some Father's Day ideas to spend an amazing day with him.

Remember, this day is about him so think about how he would like to spend this day? Is he the kind who would like a quiet day spent fishing or would he like to hit the links with you?

Outdoorsy Dad
Fishing. Camping. Playing golf – there are so many Father's Day ideas to choose from if your dad is the outdoorsy type. Does your dad love to spend time outdoors but you don't? There are plenty of 'low-effort' things you can do! Fishing is one of them. All you need is a lot of patience.

Or, how about just fire up the grill in the backyard? All you have to do is bring over some burgers and dogs. Learning how to man the grill from the old man might just turn out to be a great Father's Day activity. And remember to get plenty of beer so you can rest in between all that grilling. Another sort-of outdoorsy activity that you may enjoy with dad with minimal effort – miniature golf.  

Drinking with Dad
You know what's the great thing about spending time with dad now that you're an adult? Drinking! Whether your dad prefers beer or fine scotch, Father's Day is a lot of fun when the two of you can enjoy a drink together. Now, there are many fun ways of doing this. The simplest one is take your dad to his favorite bar and treat him. If you can involve his drinking buddies or have your uncles join in on the festivities, the day becomes all the more fun.

Or, you can bring the bar to him. There are plenty of tasting kits and boozy gift baskets available so you can choose one that dad will love. If you and dad share a passion for scotch, make a sort of 'bucket list of scotch' before Father's Day. And then, you can surprise him with some of them.       

Adventure with Dad
How about some unconventional Father's Day activities? If your dad is up for it, paintball, laser tag or go kart-ing are some adventurous ways to spend time with dad. If it's a group activity, round up siblings and friends for a fun day he won't forget. You can head home for a drink or take dad to his favorite bar after his adventure.

Road trip!
This time of the year is perfect for a scenic road trip with dad and it's one of the easiest Father's Day activities. Make a great road trip playlist and pack some tasty portable snacks for making the ride a lot of fun. You can even film the trip to make a fun reminder of the day. This is also a great activity that you can do with dad and your siblings or even mom.

Father's Day for New Dads
If this is your partner's first father's day, make it a day to remember! Breakfast in bed isn't just for Mother's Day. Start the day with some fluffy pancakes (the secret ingredient is buttermilk) and fresh berries (which are available a-plenty in June). Try to spend the day outdoors with your partner and your little one because it's a beautiful time of the year. A simple walk in the park can become a wonderful memory. You may even start a new tradition!

Have a great day with these Father's Day ideas. 


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