Wednesday 31 August 2016

Labor Day Weekend - End Your Summer with a Bang

Signifying the end of summer, Labor Day weekend is almost here and that means summer is coming to an end. Summers always mean some good times with plenty of quality time spent with friends, food and wine and maybe some sunburns. So, what better way to celebrate days well spent than with one last epic weekend. Maybe, you have plans for a weekend trip or maybe you haven't figured out what to do yet – we have great ideas for both!

If your labor day plans include a road trip or a weekend trip, we have one tip for you – get there early! The labor day weekend is a busy time so plan your route or travel plans a little earlier in the day to beat the rush. It is also a good idea to reserve a table at your vacation spot in advance because local restaurants can get really busy. You can either call the concierge at your hotel to help or download an app that has all the info for the best local food joints.

Now, if your labor day plans are all about grillin' and chillin', we have the same advice for you – get there early! The best cuts of meat will run out fast so get to your butcher or local market early or better yet – call ahead. Speaking of meat – barbecues can become tricky for your vegetarian friends. So, get plenty of veggies for them. Corn, peppers, mushrooms and onions should be plenty for the vegetarian menu. Have some tortillas or pita bread handy so they can enjoy some tasty taco or pita pockets made with freshly grilled veggies.

Had enough of summer fun? Sometimes, vacations, road trips and even hosting an end-of-summer barbecue can be stressful. There's no reasons why you can't do nothing on Labor Day Weekend. In fact, staying home and doing nothing, sounds heavenly! It can be the perfect time to catch up on some end of summer organizing.  Stow away the shorts and swim suits along with bulky pool toys and beach gear. But, the entire weekend doesn't have to be a drag. There are plenty of online labor day deals to catch up on! Everything from appliances, tech gadgets to clothes is on sale on this particular weekend. Many blogs list out all the important ones so you can plan your budget accordingly. Also, keep an eye out for the B2C Jewels Labor Day Sale! Happy Labor Day.


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