Wednesday 31 August 2016

Lessons Learned from Summer Weddings

As summer comes to an end and fall has started to settle in, it's time to look back on all the summer weddings we attended (and planned). We love some parts of it while the rest can be learning lessons for future brides.  

The weather (No really, the weather)
Yes, it's beautiful outside but it can also get sweaty, humid and did we say sweaty? The last thing you want to do on your big day is worry about sweating, being uncomfortable, ruining your makeup and also sweaty, irritable guests. Keep this in mind, while picking the venue.

If you're thinking about having the ceremony outdoors, do think about the time of the day. You don't want to squint through your vows. It can also be very uncomfortable for your guests. Check the sunset and sunrise times and plan your seating accordingly. Set up patio umbrellas and shaded spots to offer respite to your guests. You may need to check with venue about this. And remember that the weather may not always coordinate. In case of sudden summer showers, have a backup location like a tent or a screened in reception venue.

But definitely, think of having the reception indoors or under a big tent with plenty of fans. You can also rent out AC units. Summertime can also mean bugs. But there is a simple solution for that  - citronella candles and other natural bug repellents are great at keeping outdoor venues bug-free. 

Your guest list
Besides weddings, summers are also a popular time for vacations. So, go ahead and give a heads up to the people in the wedding party and the guests you absolutely want to be present. Also, be prepared for a low guest turnout, if you're wedding day is on a popular holiday weekend. 

The expenses
Wedding venues and vendors do charge a premium around summertime due to the popularity of summer weddings. But, with a little planning, you can have the summer wedding of your dreams within your budget. Paper flowers or forgoing flowers altogether can save a whole chunk of your wedding budget. 

Have you considered unconventional wedding venues? Like vacation homes that you can rent. You can easily find beautiful vacation homes online and many of these sites will mention any licenses needed for events. It's a good idea if you're planning on having a small wedding. You can also save on the venue by having the wedding in your backyard or your parents' home or a friend's yard that is big enough for a wedding.   

 It is also difficult to find vendors as the good ones get booked pretty early. So if you have your heart set on a summer wedding, finalize your vendors and venue early on. 

With these three important details taken care of, you can plan the summer wedding of your dreams.


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