Friday 2 September 2016

Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall weddings have a unique beauty of their own. Whether you need a few last-minute ideas for your fall wedding or you’re planning one for next year, here are some ideas to make your autumnal celebration a success.

Stay Warm
This is true for yourself and your guests. A matching jacket or a cardigan in a bright shade are great ideas to stay warm in your wedding dress. Cute boots are a great alternative to sandals or shoes. As for your guests, have plenty of throw blankets around the wedding venue to help them keep warm.

If you're having the ceremony outdoors, keep the reception in the warm indoors. Your reception spot can be quite cozy with warm fires or heaters along with blankets and throws. Also, let your guests know about the location so they can dress accordingly.

Fall Foliage
Take advantage of the season’s natural beauty by incorporating it in your wedding. Consider dried flowers and beautiful fall foliage for your wedding bouquet, centerpieces as well as wedding day decoration. Abundant fall accessories like pine cones and dried leaves also make cute and artsy ideas for table numbers and decorations for food stations. The fall landscape also makes a great backdrop for photos.  

Fall Colors
Be inspired by the vibrant tones of autumn to choose a color scheme for your wedding. Don't be limited to orange and red. Deep wine red and purple are a good color palette for a fall wedding. Crimson with touches of gold or copper is also a wonderful choice for your fall celebration. Chocolate, purple, orange balanced by cream is a daring color combination for a fall wedding set at dusk.

The Food
Another great way of keeping your guests comfy and warm is serving coffee, tea and hot cocoa. You can go all out by setting up stations with plenty of hot beverages. A DIY station where guests can put together their own beverages can be a lot of fun and guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Fall also brings an abundance of veggies and fruits. Apple and pear favors are sure to be a hit with guests. Something as simple as poached pears make a wonderful dessert for fall weddings as they are in season.  

Off Season Advantage
As fall and winter are off seasons for wedding vendors, you can negotiate better deals. Some wedding venues are willing to give great deals and discounts for fall weddings. Even makeup artists, DJs and bakeries, may offer discounts to generate business. All you have to do is ask and keep an eye out for deals.

Plan a spectacular fall wedding with these simple ideas.


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