Tuesday 6 September 2016

National Grandparents Day

Now that the Labor Day weekend celebrations are done, it's time to observe another important day – National Grandparents Day. Celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day, this day was first observed in the United States in 1978. Since then, many other countries have adopted this tradition. Australia, France, Canada, Poland and other nations also dedicate a day to celebrate the joy that is grandparents.

The history
The idea for a day dedicated to Grandparents started with Marian McQuade, a resident of West Virginia. Even though she began the campaign for the day in 1970, her work with senior citizens started much earlier, dating back to the 1950s. A champion for the elderly, Mrs McQuade's motivation to start this day was the lonely elderly in nursing homes. After a lot of effort and campaigning, President Jimmy Carter proclaimed the first Sunday after Labor Day as National Grandparents Day in 1978.

Why is Grandparents Day Important?
Besides easing the loneliness of the elderly, this day is also important for grandchildren. There is a world of wisdom and heritage that grandparents could offer to the younger generation. This day is especially important in the age of technology, where loneliness is all pervasive, whether senior citizen or youth loneliness.  

National Grandparents Day Activities
Depending on how old the grandkids are, there are plenty of cool things to do on this day. For younger kids, parents will have to set the tradition while older kids and teens can continue the traditions by themselves. If your children are younger choose activities that won't tire out grandma and grandpa! Reading a book together, solving puzzles or painting are great activities that both the kids and the grandparents can enjoy.

Children and grandparents can also bond over activities that the grandparents love. Grandma makes the best cookies? Well, how about the kids and grandma can whip up a whole bunch on this day? Grandpa is very handy around the house? The kids can build something like a birdhouse together with grandpa.

National Grandparents Day can be an especially rewarding day for older children, teens and even adult grandkids. Most kids don't realize that their grandparents were 'pretty cool' back in their day! Ask the grandparents share memories along with photos. Here's a great idea for social media generation – ask the grandparents for a cherished photo of themselves when they were younger. Let them tell the story of the photograph. The kids can then tweet the photo with cute and funny hashtags. The kids can even put together a video of their grandparents talking about important events. Many grandparents are war veterans so their stories should make amazing and shareable videos.

National Grandparents Day Gifts
Looking for some appropriate gifts for Grandparents Day? While grandparents always appreciate 'artwork' created by budding young artists, you can help your kids with projects to make thoughtful gifts for them. Personalized Christmas ornaments are a great idea. You can whip up some with polymer clay and kids' handprints. If grandma enjoys gardening, how about a personal gardening apron. This DIY project is a good idea for older kids.

Does grandma love her pearls? Give her a little something updated to add to her wardrobe.

This pearl pendant is set in 14K yellow gold and features an Akoya pearl.

Did grandpa serve in the Air Force? We think he'll find this charm perfect for his key ring.

This charm has a rhodium finish and comes with a secure lobster clasp.

And finally, we love the idea of giving this charming angel to grandparents on day dedicated to them.

This charm can be added to a favorite necklace or bracelet or even a key ring.

Start a wonderful tradition this Grandparents Day with these ideas.


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