Thursday 24 November 2016

Cyber Monday 2016 Tips

Cyber Monday is the answer people who hate crowds but love deals were looking for. Over the last five years, Cyber Monday deals and discounts have become just as popular and good as Black Friday deals. So, here are a couple of hacks you need to know to make this Cyber Monday the best ever.

Compare, Compare, Compare
We cannot stress how important it is to compare prices! There are plenty of apps and sites that help you do this so this one is a no-brainer. Besides price comparison, these sites also aggregate all the Cyber Monday deals in one place to make your shopping easier.

Coupon Sites
Besides the deals and offers that the retailers are offering, hunt for coupons and discount codes on coupon sites. You may cut on costs with deals like free shipping codes.

The Early Bird
Just like Black Friday door buster deals, there is benefit in starting your Cyber Monday early. Lightening deals and early bird deals are a great way to score some great offers.

Buyer Beware
Check the item on sale carefully before clicking on the buy button. That printer on sale seems like a great deal but is the ink cartridge included? Or that phone at that price is a steal but is it an original phone or a refurbished one? Check the little details before you go "click-happy".

Like, Follow & Subscribe
Many retailers will offer special discounts for joining their email list or liking their social media page so it's a good idea to club these offers with Cyber Monday deals. It would be a good idea to check the sites and social media pages ahead of Cyber Monday to know what each retailer is offering. Retailers also post flash sales and lightening deals on their social media sites so be sure to check their sites regularly.

In 2014 and 2015, a lot of retailers rolled out special offers only for their app users. So, apps are definitely worthy of checking out in 2016. You can always delete the app later.

Stock Up On Reward Points
This applies to both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Since you're shopping anyway, use cards that give you the maximum reward points. So, sign up for loyalty programs so you can get lots of points to redeem.

Get yourself some great deals with these ideas.


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