Saturday 11 February 2017

Last-Minute Valentine's Day Ideas That Will Work Like Magic!

Whether you forgot about Valentine's Day or you're just not good at planning for it, the day of love is almost here. But, don't feel bad - we got you covered. We have some amazing ideas about dates, food and gifts that can be pulled off at the last minute.

The Last-Minute Breakfast in Bed
This is an idea that never fails – whether it's for her or him! The key to getting a romantic breakfast in bed right is presentation. A good breakfast in bed tray has three elements: 1. The Food (of course) 2. Coffee (duh) 3. The Decorative element - either flowers or a card. We're personally big fans of those cute Valentine's Day cards with food puns! The best part is that they can be downloaded and printed at home. You get these three things right and you have got yourself an instagram-worthy breakfast in bed. If you're stressed out about making the breakfast, you can always get something freshly-baked from a local bakery. Add some fresh fruit drizzled with honey and you're done!  

The Last-Minute Date
Even if you don't have a reservation at the hottest new restaurant in town, you can still have a wonderful time. Besides, dinner at a restaurant is nice but a tad bit predictable. Have a very romantic Valentine's Day Date at home by cooking for your date. What if you can't cook to save your life? The key is to not think about it as one big dinner, instead break it down into manageable parts.

Can you make spaghetti? Yes! You have the main course. Now, all you have to do is pick a nice wine to go with your spaghetti. Next, look up easy salad recipes online. Pick a recipe that has seasonal veggies. Even a simple salad is elevated to a restaurant-worthy meal with the best of ingredients. When you're shopping at the local market, check if they have some nice bread. With the bread, salad and pasta on your menu, all you need is dessert. Again, we recommend going fresh. Fresh fruit with ice cream or drizzled with cream is the perfect ending to a home-cooked meal. All this romantic date needs is a trip to the grocery store.

The Last-Minute Gift
For last-minute Valentine's Day gifts, we recommend going online. Many retailers will have same-day or next-day shipping to make sure your gift is delivered on time. If you're really short on time, how about a gift card? They are delivered straight to the recipient's inbox and you're "shopping" time is about five minutes. If you're not a fan of gift cards, how about gifting a subscription. There are so many subscription boxes available, from makeup and jewelry to cheese. The best part is that the gifts continue after Valentine's Day.

Have a great Valentine's Day with these ideas. 


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