Friday 12 January 2018

We'll Always Have Paris - a Proposal in Paris

Does it get any more romantic than a Proposal in Paris? We don't think so. When we asked our team here at B2C Jewels about where would they propose (or like to be proposed to), the city of lights was a popular choice. But, how would you go about pulling off this epic proposal? That's why we're here. Read some great tips on how to propose in Paris.

Step One - the Ring
You need to have the ring with you two weeks before you leave for Paris. To get started on your ring buying journey, go here. Don't know where to start? Check this post. It gives you enough time to make sure it is perfect or enough time for an exchange.

Step Two - Traveling With the Ring
Don't put the ring in your baggage. Keep it in your carry-on, wrapped in a sock for safekeeping. Put a note around the box so if you get picked up for random searching, the TSA agent will be discreet. Once you're in Paris, keep the ring in the room safe or the hotel safe till you're ready to propose.   

Step Three - Finding the Perfect Proposal Spot
The city of love offers many scenic spots to be the backdrop for your proposal. Let's start with the Eiffel Tower.

On Top of the Eiffel Tower
The view is amazing and it really can't get any more iconic Paris than this. But, it can get crowded up there. Are you ok with that? Do you want a whole bunch of people to be there or be in your proposal photo. Something to ponder about

A View of the Eiffel Tower
If not on top of the tower, how about a spot where the two of you have a view of the iconic monument. There are many restaurants and rooftop bars that offer a view of the Eiffel Tower. Another spot is the Champs de Mars. It offers plenty of space and a wonderful view.

The Trocadéro gardens are also a great choice. Our vote is for visiting during the sunrise. There won't be many people and you can convince your partner the view will be worth it.

Paris is the city of lights and the Eiffel Tower sparkles for five minutes every hour on the hour until 1 a.m. Grab a seat for this spectacle and make your proposal a magical one.

Other Spots

If the Eiffel Tower is not what you want, Paris doesn't disappoint with other romantic spots that would be perfect for the proposal. The Wall of Love at Montmartre is such as lovely location. It is literally a wall that has tiles with the phrase “I love you” written on them in different languages. Could it get any more dreamy than this?

If you're partner is an ardent reader, may we suggest a bookstore a.k.a. her happy place. The Shakespeare & Co. bookstore on Paris’s Left Bank has a rich history and trust us, she'll know about it. But Paris has plenty of other bookstores too (if the Shakespeare & Co. is too crowded for your liking). The San Francisco Book Co. is charming as is the Librairie Jousseaume.

Some other spots are the Musée d’Orsay Museum, the pyramid at the Louvre, the Ferris Wheel at the Place de la Concorde, right on the Champs Élysées or the Arc de Triomphe. There are plenty of spots just outside of Paris too. The Parc de Sceaux has a château and a park, of course. Château de Rambouillet was once the summer residence of the presidents of France. There are plenty of parks and buildings there that would be the perfect place for a proposal.

Step Four - Capturing the Moment
Your proposal in Paris is a once in a lifetime moment so of course it has to be captured. While you may not be able to get the actual moment on film, you can definitely take wonderful photos after she says yes. We suggest hiring a photographer so your photos aren't a bunch of selfies or awkward shots taken by tourists. You can check their work before to make sure you choose the right one. 

Step Five - Happily Ever After
Onto the wedding planning! Just kidding. Enjoy the Moment. We hope your Paris proposal is as magical as you imagined it to be.


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