Friday 30 March 2018

7 Facts About Diamonds

Diamonds are the birthstone of April and we'll be celebrating these sparkling gems all month long. Let's get started with some interesting facts you may not know.

1. Your diamond is old—like really old. Diamonds can be between one billion to three billion years old. They form deep under the earth's surface and only come up due to volcanic activity.

2. That diamonds are the toughest natural substance on earth is indeed true and not just an Internet forward (haha).

3. If they are so tough, how is diamond rough turned into cut and polished diamonds. Well, in short diamonds are used to cut and shape diamonds. Industrial-grade diamonds and diamond dust is used in the various processes of turning a rough diamond into the sparkling gems we mount on jewelry.

4. So, diamonds are indestructible! It's not quite as simple as that. If a blow is positioned right, a diamond can be cleaved or chipped. While the crystalline structure of diamonds does make them tough, they are brittle and can be vulnerable to extreme force. So, take off that ring if you plan on going rock climbing.
5. The crystalline structure of diamonds is really the reason that diamonds are well, diamonds. Diamonds are 100% carbon and so is the graphite in pencils but due to the difference in structure diamonds are the toughest natural mineral and graphite is soft enough to crush under our fingers.

6. You can actually mine for diamonds and even keep what you find! The Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas lets you mine and keep what you find. The site is a volcanic crater and known to be a source of diamonds as well as other gemstones like amethysts and garnets.

7. There is a lot of folk lore attached to diamonds. People in ancient India used to believe that wearing a diamond would protect the wearer from damage. The Greeks were of the opinion that diamonds were tears of gods. 

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