Tuesday 10 April 2018

The GIA Grading Report for your Diamond

A diamond grading report basically is a documentation of the particular characteristics of a diamond. If you have bought a diamond before you would know that you are provided with a certificate with your purchase. Some jewelers often provide documentations that are issued by in-store gemologists, some of who are actually trained and educated by the GIA – The Gemological Institute of America. However, these gemologists cannot issue a GIA report; only the Gemological Institute of America can issue a GIA grading report.

GIA is a nonprofit organization and a public benefit research and educational institution that works as an independent and impartial establishment for analyzing the condition and quality of diamonds and other gems and providing unbiased, accurate information. The GIA does not represent any other sellers or retailers and also does not sell diamonds or other gemstones.

How Does GIA Evaluate a Diamond?
A GIA report is in no way an estimate for how expensive your diamond is but it really is the clear disclosure of your diamond’s characteristics, if there is any treatment involved in enhancing its color and clarity and an assurance of its quality. This report is quite necessary for you to make an informed and confident purchase.
The GIA tests every diamond that is submitted to the institution to determine if the stone is natural, synthetic or stimulant, and reveals if a diamond has been treated to artificially look a certain way. The GIA report is a comprehensive and scientific evaluation of your diamond’s qualities that contribute to its overall value. This really helps both sides of a transaction to make a smart and informed decision.

The GIA grading report includes the most important thing that determines the worth of a diamond – The 4Cs. The 4Cs are the color, cut, carat weight and clarity of a diamond. In addition to the 4Cs the report also identifies other characteristics like a its fluorescence, which is a diamond’s ability to glow a certain color in UV light, measurement, shape, polish and symmetry.

Why Should You Use a GIA Grading Report?

The GIA grading report has been known to be accurate and unbiased. GIA has developed, established and maintained the practices and methods for diamond analysis all over the world. GIA is the creator of the commonly used 4Cs of diamond quality and the GIA International Diamond Grading System. It basically introduced the common language used for describing the standard of D to Z color diamonds.

Uniformity and Accuracy
All the GIA laboratories operate using the same, exact set of principles and standard procedures to make complete sure of the accuracy of the identification and grading report that is issued for each gemstone. These principles are built on reliable and thorough research, good control systems, well trained staff and a suite of best practices.

The GIA protects the incomparable gem and the public that buys and sells jewelry with its research, good education and impartial gem grading and analysis system. The institute sets, stands by and maintains the global diamond quality standards, thus giving you a sense of relief and assurance.

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