Friday 11 May 2018

Wedding Season Tips You Need to Know To Survive This Summer!

Whether you're getting married or attending a wedding, the wedding season has started in full swing! We have tips and tricks for everyone so let's get started.

For the Bride
1. Smile!
This is your wedding day - chances are you'll be smiling a lot and many of those moments will be caught on camera. So, don't forget to include brightening your teeth in your beauty routine leading up to the days of the wedding. Many brides remember skin care and hair care but forget about their smile. You can buy teeth whitening kits from your local pharmacy or the good old home remedy of baking soda really works too. All you have to do is dip your damp toothbrush in baking soda, before adding on the toothpaste.

2. Day-of Coordinators
Wedding planners are not for everyone. If you have decided not to get one due to personal or financial reasons, consider having a coordinator for the day. Unlike the full planning, day-of coordinators look into the behind-the-scene details only on the wedding day. Usually, you'll meet with your coordinator anywhere between two weeks to a month before the wedding to go over the details.

For the Groom

1. Make your perfume last
Spring and summer weddings are a lot of fun but what is not fun is sweat, especially if you're the groom. You may not have time to refresh your perfume through the day but you can make it last. And, the thing you need for this hack - you probably have it already. A little bit of Vaseline or petroleum jelly goes a long way in making your perfume last. Dab a bit on your pulse points and the spray on your perfume. The layer of Vaseline keeps your perfume on longer so you smell fresh through the day

2. Food Trucks
Getting the food right is a big part of planning a successful summer wedding. Instead of a traditional catered affair, you could consider food trucks. Having food trucks means having plenty of options on the menu and it will also help to keep the costs down. Besides, guests will always remember what a cool idea it was. For a summer wedding, a ice cream food truck is sure to be a hit.

For the Guests

1. Red Wine Spill
Accidents happen. But a red wine stain should not ruin your favorite summer dress or shirt. Treat the stain right away by sprinkling a generous amount of salt on it. The salt absorbs the wine so you can have the stain treated later. For a destination wedding, where you can't get to a drycleaner right away, pack a small stain remover.

2. Free Makeup
Summer weddings can be hard on makeup or maybe makeup isn't your thing. Beauty stores and local beauty schools offer free makeup trial. Find out if you need to signup beforehand and arrive at the wedding looking absolutely gorgeous with zero effort.

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