Friday 1 June 2018

All to Know About the Emerald Engagement Ring

Emerald cut diamond rings are not the most popular choice for engagement rings but they are surely one of a kind! If you are someone who finds freedom in straying away from the norm and want to try a unique diamond cut for your engagement ring then an emerald cut diamond is a great one to consider! But first, let’s get to know the emerald cut engagement ring a little more.

The emerald cut is called so because it was first created for and is still quite popular in emeralds. What makes the emerald cut what it is are the step-like geometrical facets that add dimension to the stone. Round diamonds have facets that are cut in many directions to attract the most light and create the most sparkle. But an emerald cut diamond has step facets that give the stone broad flashes of light rather than the sparkle of a brilliant cut.

Like many other fancy cut diamonds, the emerald shape diamond is comparatively inexpensive because it is not as much in demand as brilliant cut diamonds like round. Another factor that adds to the cost benefit is carat preservation. Unlike round brilliant diamonds where large amounts of diamond rough is cut to achieve the perfect symmetry and proportion, step cut diamonds actually save the diamond rough. Their square or rectangular shapes fit perfectly with the outlines of diamond rough. This means less wastage and lesser cost to produce and this benefit is passed onto you - the end user.

More Fact and Perks!
Because the cuts of an emerald are shallower than of a round brilliant diamond, less of the diamond is hidden while mounting the stone on the engagement ring. That is why an emerald cut diamond looks bigger compared to other diamonds that have the same carat weight. If you’re looking for a big rock on your engagement ring that stands out, an emerald cut diamond is a good option!

Another awesome thing about an emerald cut diamond is that it looks good on everybody! If you have short fingers and want an elongating effect, then the traditional north-south setting will look great on your hand. If you want more finger coverage, you can mount your emerald cut diamond in the east-west setting. There’s something for everybody!

This cut is also one of the more practical ones, especially if you are frequently involved in outdoor activities or move things around on a day to day basis. Emerald-cut diamonds have blunt edges that are less likely to get caught on things or get chipped easily.

Ring Settings

Side Stones
Emerald shape diamonds make perfect vintage engagement rings and side stones work well with that! Side stone also add to the carat weight of the entire engagement ring without having to worry about the cost of getting a bigger center stone!

The most classic setting is the four prong solitaire! This setting really helps showcase the ring and let it reflect the maximum light while also being cost effective.

There is nothing more angelic than a halo emerald shape engagement ring! An elegant center stone with a lace of sparkly diamonds around it makes for the most timeless engagement ring!

An emerald shaped diamond speaks of nostalgia, everlasting appeal and vintage charm. More than bling, an emerald engagement ring is about timeless elegance!

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