Monday 13 August 2018

How to Choose the Right Metal for Your Engagement Rings

Which metal is the best for engagement rings? Is it platinum? Or is it gold? Let's talk metal and how to choose the right one for your engagement ring. Two metals are widely used for engagement rings – platinum and gold. Both are unique and beautiful. Let's take it one step at a time and first understand these metals.

Platinum is the strongest of all the metals that are usually used to make engagement rings, wedding bands and other jewelry. Due to its high density as compared to gold, diamonds are set quite securely in it. This is important because besides aesthetics, you should also be looking at durability and security when deciding on a metal for your engagement ring. Most jewelers will use a 95% platinum and 5% alloys composition for making rings and other jewelry. Platinum engagement rings are a great choice for people who have an active lifestyle or play sports often or work with their hands a lot.

Platinum and Diamond Jewelry
Platinum is naturally white and has a sheen to it. This is why many people prefer it for diamond jewelry as it complements the brilliance and sparkle of diamonds. Platinum does develop a patina over time. Some people love that look but if you don't, you can always have your ring polished.

Gold is the most popular choice for engagement rings and one of the oldest metals used for making jewelry. When it comes to engagement rings, 14K gold, 18K gold, white gold and rose gold are widely used.

18K Gold and 14K Gold
Pure gold is a soft metal so it is mixed with other metals to form alloys that are strong and can be used for making jewelry. 18K gold has about 75% gold with the rest of the 25% made up of other metals. 14K gold has about 58.5% gold and the rest is made up of other metals.

Both these alloys are strong, resistant to tarnishing and they are easy to repair. 14K gold contains lesser gold than 18K and it is stronger but less expensive than 18K gold. 14K gold has a mellow shade while 18K has a rich golden shade. Both alloys have distinctive advantages so choose the one that fits your lifestyle.

White Gold
White gold is a great way of getting the look of platinum for less. Gold is a naturally yellow metal. It is mixed with zinc, palladium and other metals and further plated with rhodium to make it look whiter, like platinum. White gold is resistant to scratches and has a beautiful shine. It is available in both 18K and 14K gold alloys. Although the rhodium plating is quite durable, you may need to re-plate it after some years of use.

Rose Gold
When gold is alloyed with copper, it gets a pink hue and that's where the romantic name - rose gold comes from. Just like white gold, rose gold is also available in 14K and 18K variants. Rose gold engagement rings have become popular in recent times due to the popularity of the shade of rose gold.

Which Metal is the Best?
All these metals are strong, durable and beautiful. The strong platinum is ideal for people with active lives but the most expensive. White gold has the look of platinum for less. 14K gold is strong and inexpensive as compared to 18K while rose gold has a unique shade. B2C Jewels offers all engagement rings in 18K and 14K gold, platinum, white gold and rose gold.

Mixed Metals
Engagement rings are can also be made with more than one metal to get the best of the both the metals. This stunning engagement ring has white gold prongs to showcase a gorgeous bright diamonds while the rest of the ring is cast in yellow gold.

You are now ready to choose the right metal for your engagement ring!
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