Tuesday 25 September 2018

Yellow Diamonds Are Your New Best Friend!

We’ve all come to know and love the traditional white diamonds found in most classic engagement rings and other diamond jewelry. But these are not the only types out there! Yellow diamonds have gained tremendous popularity because of their uniqueness and relatively affordable prices.

How are these diamonds yellow? The remarkable hue of the yellow diamond can be attributed to one element: nitrogen. When a diamond is forming, nitrogen atoms arrange in such a way that the blue light in the atmosphere is absorbed, thus producing a yellow color. The diamond’s yellow color results from the light that has not been absorbed. So fascinating!

How are yellow diamonds graded? The internationally recognized GIA color grading scale begins with the letter D (pure white) and ends at letter Z (tinted color). Yellow diamonds are graded “Fancy” when they fall outside the D-Z range. When a diamond is graded “Fancy”, it means that it must have more color than the Z master stone. The GIA Colored Diamond Grading System assigns yellow diamonds one of four color grades: Fancy Light, Fancy,  Fancy Intense, and Fancy Vivid.

B2C Jewels has a separate search for fancy color diamonds! Here are some of the exquisite yellow diamond engagement rings from our collection –

Fancy Pear-Shaped Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring 

The magnificent yellow center stone of this ring is secured with claw prongs and accented by a halo of round diamonds. But, the best feature about this ring is that it has an elegant, yellow gold basket to enhance the intensity of the yellow center diamond.

The yellow center diamond is set in a yellow gold basket and surrounded by pave accent diamonds, and the effect  is stunning! The additional diamond accents below the center halo, makes this engagement ring even more divine.

This detailed ring has a diamond halo around the claw pronged center radiant cut yellow diamond. The ancillary gallery has lovely diamond petals so the ring sparkles from all angles.

The vintage, oval yellow diamond engagement ring features a halo of pave set round diamonds, pave accents and a subtle floral design. Breathtaking!

We hope you’re as much in love as we are with these exquisite colored diamonds now!

Location: New York, NY, USA


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