Thursday 21 February 2019

How to Get the Best Diamond Engagement Ring for Your Budget - Part 2

Be sure to check out part one of this series. There is one simple way to get your dream ring in your budget and that is choosing the right ring setting. 

Think of the diamond engagement ring as being made up of two parts - the center diamond and the rest of the ring. The rest of the ring is called the ring setting. Jewelers make the final ring by mounting a diamond on the setting with the help of prongs and other parts. Here's a little something that many first-time buyers are unaware of. You can buy the diamond and the ring separately.

Even if you buy the diamond and the ring setting from the same retailer, buying them separately is a smart decision. Firstly, you get complete control over the quality of the diamond. You can choose exactly according to your requirements. The second part is you also know what part of the price is for the diamond and what part is for the setting. If you're on a tight budget, you can put more towards a good quality diamond and an affordable setting. A setting can be upgraded later but you're still getting a lovely engagement ring right now.

Another tip is to choose the right setting. For example, a halo setting is a good choice for budget shoppers who want the big diamond look without having to pay for it. In a halo setting, small diamonds fully surround the center diamond. This tricks the eye into thinking it is one big diamond. These smaller diamonds are very sparkly so the optical illusion is quite convincing.

The smaller diamonds are known as melee diamonds and they are less expensive than bigger diamonds. So it would be less expensive to choose a 0.90 carat center diamond and then have it mounted in a halo ring setting than buying a 1 carat diamond and then mounting it into a simple ring. The center diamond in the halo ring looks just a big as 1 carat diamond due to the illusion.

Think of buying an engagement ring as making any other big purchase such as a car. Would you buy a car without any research or from the first dealership you walk into? If you do your research and stay open minded to new ideas, you will get the best ring for whatever budget you set. Be the smartest shopper you know with these ideas.


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