Thursday 7 February 2019

Ideas for a Memorable Valentine's Day Proposal

Proposing on Valentine's day is tricky. On one hand, it is a romantic day but if your girlfriend is expecting the proposal, there's no element of surprise. So, how do you make your proposal story something she'll love sharing? Throw her off the scent!

Make plans for Valentine's Day as you normally would have. Make dinner reservations or plan a trip. But add a little element of surprise in your plans. For example, if you have made dinner reservations, why not propose on the way there? Ask her to check for something in the glove box and keep the ring there. Make sure your car is clean and smells nice for this special moment! 

There are plenty of ways you can pull off a wonderful Valentine's Day proposal without her expecting it.

Recreate the First Date

You'll need a little planning to pull this off. You have to remember and recreate the little details for an unforgettable proposal. What did you eat? Did you guys do anything special? If you went to a restaurant, request the same table and perhaps the same menu. You'll need to talk to the restaurant management so planning in advance is key here. While a lot of times, the proposal comes during dessert or with champagne, skip this part to keep the element of surprise. While your girlfriend is basking in the happy glow, propose on the way back home. Since, you didn't get down on one knee in the restaurant, she will be in for a surprise.

If you had a movie date, pick a romantic movie she would love to see. (There's always one playing around Valentine's Day.) You can consider booking the whole movie hall for a definite surprise. The point of this type of proposal is to spring it on her when she is least expecting it. So, don't have the waiter bring your ring during dessert and definitely don't slip it in the champagne glass. Pretend the evening has come to an end and do it then! It will be a lovely surprise after a wonderful day.       

An Outdoor Proposal

Not all Valentine's Day proposals have to be in a restaurant. How about the great outdoors? It's a nice spot for a romantic proposal if you guys are outdoorsy. Does your girlfriend love to hike? Or how about a scenic early morning jog in the park? You'll have to check the spot out before the big day to make sure everything will go off right. Is it too windy or too cold? If it is snowing where you live, take advantage of the beautiful snow-covered landscape to plan a beautiful proposal.

There are a couple of things you have to keep in mind while planning the outdoor proposal. Keep the ring in a secure spot. If you're out jogging or hiking, secure the ring in a zippered bag. Remember that the weather can play spoilsport, so have a backup plan.       

Proposal at Home

If your girlfriend is shy, a proposal in a restaurant or a public place may not be her favorite thing. You can plan an original and memorable proposal right at home. How about dinner and a movie at home? Spend some time and thought on the dinner. If you're not particularly fond (or skilled) at cooking, you can order her favorite food home. Set a nice table. It's easy to do. If you need inspiration, check online. There are plenty of sites that offer tips on how to set a beautiful table. After the dinner, skip the usual DVD on the TV and instead set up a projector in the backyard. The idea has a definite romantic appeal. You can even set up the dinner table in the backyard if you're proposing at home. 

Invite Friends and Family

If it is important for you to involve family and friends, you can plan an epic proposal with all your loved ones involved. The key of this proposal is to keep it a secret. Tell family and friends to keep it under wraps for the ultimate surprise.

Breakfast in Bed Proposal

Many women expect the whole dinner-champagne proposal routine. You can get a jumpstart on the day and propose at breakfast. A thoughtfully-made breakfast in bed is a sweet way to propose. Put all of her favorites on the breakfast tray, right from her perfect cup of coffee to her favorite flowers. If you check online, many bakeries offer to have delectable baked goodies shipped frozen like frozen tarts. All you have to do is defrost and warm them. Consider making an early morning coffee run to her favorite barista. Uncover the dishes one by one with flourish and save the ring for last. For this proposal, make sure you know your girlfriend's schedule. If she's a early riser who likes to run, you may want to consider a different route.

Proposal Dos and Don'ts
This is a day you will always remember so do have fun. Don't sweat the small stuff. Anticipate some glitches in your plan and prepare for them.

Don't hide the ring in any spot where it may get lost. Her dessert, champagne, etc. are a big NO.

Do think about your bride-to-be's tastes and not conventional ideas. If she's not the kind who'll appreciate a very public display of emotion, stay away from restaurant proposals.

Do consider capturing the moment. If your girlfriend keeps a scrapbook or loves sharing photos on social media, a photographer or a friend documenting the moment on video will be appreciated.

Plan a wonderful Valentine's Day proposal with these ideas.

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