Monday 18 March 2019

The Embodiment of Vintage: Marquise Cut Diamonds

Anyone who knows diamonds will tell you that buying a loose diamond is always a far better choice than buying a diamond that is already set in jewelry. Even though it’s the long route, there is a whole world of possibilities that open up when you opt to choose how and where exactly your diamond goes. If you are someone who is into vintage styles and designs, a Marquise cut loose diamond is the first one that you should consider. From Ashley Simpson’s 5-carat stone surrounded by rubies to Victoria Beckham’s 65,000 dollar engagement ring to Catherine Zeta Jones’s antique 10-carat diamond – Celebrities have always loved the Marquise! Here is everything that you need to know before you buy a Marquise cut diamond and decide to give it a new life!

The Marquise cut diamond is often known by names like the football shaped diamond, the boat shaped cut or the navette. The diamond has 58 facets and the elliptical shape stretches out to pointy edges. The ring originates from the 18th century when King Louis XV of France asked a jeweler to make a diamond that resembled the shape of his mistress, Jean Antoinette Poisson’s lips. The Marquise cut diamond is not very popular among engagement rings but if you are into vintage jewelry and are looking for a one-of-a-kind, unique ring to seal the deal then Marquise is a great option! Pair it with warm yellow gold or a charming rose gold band and your loose diamond will have new meaning.

What makes a good Marquise?
The most significant part that makes a Marquise what it is is its symmetry. It’s important that the two ends of a Marquise align with each other and form almost a mirror image. In case the ends of this stone are even slightly misaligned it gives off an unbalanced look that’s quite undesirable in jewelry. That is why good gemcutters and good symmetry is necessary when it comes to Marquise cut diamonds. An ideal Marquise has a length to width ratio of 1.75 - 2.15 but in the end, the way your loose diamond looks depends on your preference.

Prongs or no prongs?
Prongs are very important in Marquise cut diamonds to protect the two vulnerable edges of the stone that are more prone to chipping. The ends of a Marquise were the closest to the original, rough stone that it’s made of so most inclusions and flaws are set in the corners. When set in jewelry the prongs cover these corners well so that is a big plus as well!

Color and Clarity
Because Marquise is such a vintage gemstone people usually prefer slightly warmer tones of a G-H diamond compared to the bright, white colors of a D-F diamond. Marquise diamonds that are more than 1 carat often appear darker around the edges and that’s why while buying your loose diamond, make sure to buy a color grade higher compared to other diamond shapes.

The clarity of a Marquise diamond is subjective as well. It depends if you want a diamond that is technically completely flawless or you are okay with a few inclusions that are nearly invisible or hidden by prongs.

Marquise diamonds are unique and quite extraordinary when it’s made into jewelry. We hope you find the perfect loose diamond to invest in!

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