Friday 12 July 2019

How to Choose a Ring That Matches Her Personality

You are planning to propose to your wonderful partner and are in search for that perfect engagement ring. But all the options of style, cut, color, design are confusing you and you are stressed! Well, fret not, we are here to help! There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to engagement rings and to pay attention to all the details is very important for a smart purchase. But there is one question that can put a lot in perspective and help you out a great deal – What is her personality like? If you stop for a moment and think about the things she likes and does not like and can determine her personality type, you are already halfway into finding that perfect engagement ring!

Here is a list that will help you find a direction while buying an engagement ring based on your partner’s personality!

Classic and Traditional
If your partner is into more classic things; if she is organized, subtle and not very experimental then a classic and traditional ring is what she would like. An elegant solitaire setting is timeless and very minimalistic. Normally the most traditional solitaire rings feature platinum or yellow gold band, which is absolutely perfect; as they said – “Less is more.”

If you want to add a more refinement to the look of your solitaire engagement ring, you could consider a basket setting or a trellis setting. This will really accentuate the center stone. If you are sure about the classic engagement ring but not sure about how simple it is, you can consider adding diamond accents on the basket or bridge of the ring or a gemstone on the inside of the ring for a unique touch. You could also consider a three-stone engagement ring which is the perfect mélange of traditional and lots of sparkle!

Romantic and Thoughtful
Is your partner an absolute romantic? Does she like all things delicate, cinematic and sentimental? Think about buying an engagement ring with milgrain details and intricate galleries. Rose gold is a great option for the band as its rosy hue gives everything a soft, romantic feel. If your partner really appreciates sentimental gestures, focus on little details that you could personalize. You could add short inscriptions or her birthstone on the inside of the ring.

Adventurous and Outdoorsy
If your significant other is quite adventurous and loves to be outdoors, think of really organic elements that you could combine in your ring setting. Think of elements such as leaves, vines and floral designs. As your partner is very active, focus on the durability and safety of the ring. Durable metals such as platinum are a good choice for your engagement ring band and a bezel setting that keeps the diamond secured in place is a good option to look into.

If you know your partner’s personality, a lot can be made easier! You can take hints from the outfits that she wears, the jewelry that she already has, her choice of entertainment and also the things she likes on her social media! We hope you find the perfect engagement ring in the end!

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