Friday 9 August 2019

Our Top Jewelry Picks for Your Big Day

It's your day to shine! The right jewelry on your wedding day will complement your dress and pull together your bridal look. Check our post on how to pick the right jewelry for your wedding day here. In this post, we will cover perfect picks from our collection that will help you look your very best on your big day.

Round Diamond Floating Halo Pendant Necklace for V Neck Dresses
If your dress has a V-neck, this classic pendant is the perfect d├ęcolletage decoration. The glittering diamond halo adds plenty of sparkle and flash so you can pair it with simple diamond studs to balance your bridal look. The best thing about this lovely pendant necklace is that you can wear it long after the wedding. Layer it with longer necklaces and chains for a chic look or add it any outfit to pep up your everyday office wardrobe.   

Now, if you dress has a vintage flair or you're actually rocking a vintage bridal dress, we highly recommend our Vintage-Inspired Paisley Diamond Halo Pendant. Unique and intricate, this pendant will perfectly match a vintage dress.

Round Diamond Halo Drop Earrings for Halter Neck Dresses
These earrings make excellent accessories for halter neck wedding dresses or high neck dresses with an open back. A classic design, these round diamond drop earrings will put up an impressive display of sparkle on your big day. Balance it with our lovely white gold heart link bracelet and you're all set.

Classic Yellow Gold And White Pearl Necklace With Golden Curved Links
The classic pearls have been a bridal fashion icon for a reason. They have a timeless look that is hard to beat. Our curved links pearl necklace is a stylish take on this evergreen accessory.

More Importantly, Be Yourself
The most important thing about choosing jewelry for your wedding day is they should be a reflection of you and your style. Inherited your grandma's pearls but don't quite know what to do with them, fashion them into a sash for your dress. Not sure if you can wear long drop earrings all day long, stick to classic diamond studs or pearl studs. You do you—it's your day! 
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