Monday 16 September 2019

How to Be A Smart Engagement Ring Shopper

When it comes to engagement ring shopping, there are many outdated "rules" that you can ignore. But financing your engagement ring smartly is the one thing you cannot overlook. So, how do you go about being a smart engagement ring shopper? Let's start at the start.

Your Budget
Many factors go into setting a budget for an engagement ring, such as, are you planning on buying a home, what is your wedding budget, what does your dream engagement ring look like. You and your partner need to have an honest, open conversation about it. Only the two of you can decide on the budget. And trust us, there are many stunning engagement ring options for every budget imaginable.

Financing Options
It is always a good idea to know what options you have. Many jewelry retailers, including us, offer our customers financing options to make it simpler to have your dream ring. Check the attractive financing option we offer to see what will be your rate. 

Understand the 4Cs
How well you understand the 4Cs, determines how your ring will look and what it will cost. A well-cut 0.90-carat diamond can look better and perform better than a poorly cut 1-carat diamond and it will be priced lower too.

Is color important to you? You can choose an on-the-lower-end J color grade diamond but go higher in carat weight. A slightly warm diamond can look stunning in a yellow gold or rose gold ring setting. You can make the most of your ring budget when you understand your 4Cs well.

Do Your Research and Go Online
Most shoppers have an idea in their head what ring shopping looks like. They think they have to go into a store and pick a ring from the selection available there. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Ring shopping should actually start with research. What is your dream ring style, what kind of diamond do you want, how can you make the most of your budget. And, you certainly don't have to limit yourself to traditional brick and mortar stores.

Online jewelry stores have access to thousands of diamonds and hundreds of ring designs to choose from. You have a lot more control over the budget and quality of ring when you choose a diamond and ring setting separately.

Future Upgrade 
Here's an option most couples are unaware of: upgrading your diamond in the future. Most online diamond retailers offer an upgrade policy for your diamond. B2C Jewels has a lifetime upgrade policy! You can save and exchange your diamond for a bigger, better diamond, say two to five years from now with this easy upgrade policy.

Check these five options to be the smartest ring shopper you know.


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