Monday 4 November 2019

Citrine: The Warm-Hued Birthstone of Chilly November

Available in earthy tones of yellow, brown and orange, Citrine, the birthstone for the month of November, is the perfect choice for adding subtle sparkle to your fall wardrobe. November may be a chilly month but the warm hues of citrine are sure to cheer up lucky November-born ladies.

Citrine is a type of quartz and the traces of iron found in the quartz crystals are responsible for the yellow undertones. It often occurs in geodes along with other quartz like amethysts. The name citrine comes from the French word, Citrine which means lemon. This sunny gemstone has an interesting history as people believed it was capable of soothing tempers and granting prosperity. The Greeks carved images into citrine while the Egyptians used them as talismans.

As fascinating as may be the history of citrine, we love it for its brilliant hues ranging from pale yellow to glowing orange. The lovely shades of citrine are beautifully showcased in this gorgeous pendant. Three gemstones in graduating sizes and different shades are set beautifully to achieve an ombre effect. The 14K yellow gold pendant perfectly complements the warm tones of the citrines.

Besides November birthday boys and girls, citrine jewelry is also given as gift on the 13th anniversary. If it is a (lucky) 13th wedding anniversary gift that you are looking for, we would recommend the citrine ring from our collection. Featuring three citrines in two fascinating shades, this ring is also accented by six sparkling diamonds. The two reddish side stones are called ‘Madeira’ citrine because the vibrant shade resembles the red of Madeira wine. The 14K yellow gold mounting adds to the beauty of this three stone gemstone ring.

Citrine measures 7 on the MOHS scale that quantifies the hardness of gemstones. This means that with reasonable care, citrine jewelry can be used on a daily basis as the gemstone can withstand the wear and tear of regular use. We think this cushion cut citrine pendant would be perfect for brightening fall outfits. The gemstone is set in a secure bezel making it ideal for everyday use.

The sunshine-y gemstone gained quite a popularity in the 1920s and featured in a lot of Art Deco jewelry. The vivid shades juxtaposed beautifully with the angular lines of Art Deco masterpieces. Hollywood icons like Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford favored citrine jewelry. We think some of that old world elegance is reflected in this citrine and peridot ring. Featuring two emerald cut peridots and an emerald cut citrine, this ring is set in 14K yellow gold.

If you have your heart set on citrine, here are some tips to care for your citrine jewelry. It is always a good idea to store citrine or any other gemstone jewelry separate from loose diamonds or diamond jewelry or any other material that may scratch it. And although it was believed to be a gift from the sun, citrine should be protected from direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause the bright gemstone to fade.When cleaning your citrine jewelry, use mild soap and water and be sure to let it dry completely. Start your love affair with citrine here!


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