Friday 22 November 2019

Engagement Ring Trends of 2020: Part 2

Engagement ring trends, just like fashion trends, come and go. But having a look at these engagement ring trends of 2020 gives you an idea about what is popular right now and what you may want your own engagement ring to look like. For more engagement ring trends of 2020, take a look at Part 1 and Part 3 of this series. In Part 2 of this series, we’ll specifically look at center diamond trends of engagement rings.

Pop of Color
What do Princess Eugenie, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Elizabeth Olsen have in common? All ladies have beautiful engagement rings with colorful gemstones as the center stone. Although exact gemstone details of all the rings were not made fully available to the public, we can definitely see the rising popularity of colorful center stones. While this is certainly a beautiful trend to see on celebrity ring fingers, how practical is it on your own ring finger? Let’s find out.

Diamonds are not only beautiful but also sturdy. Ranking 10 on the Mohs scale that measures the hardness of natural substances, these sparkling gemstones are a great choice for jewelry that is worn every day such as engagement rings and diamond studs. Sapphires and emeralds are next in line when it comes to popular gemstones for engagement rings. They each rank 9 and 8 on the Mohs scale respectively.

But the scale only tells a part of the story. The numbers on the scale reflect which next harder substance will scratch the substance ranked below it. This actually translates quite differently in real-life circumstances. Although diamonds rank 10 and sapphires rank 9, they are about 90 times harder than sapphire. Both sapphires and emeralds are more prone to scratching than diamonds and require to be handled carefully. But does that mean a total and complete no to your dreams of a colorful engagement ring? Here’s how you can incorporate this celebrity trend safely in your life.

An engagement ring with sapphire side stones can be an excellent compromise between durability and color. This sapphire and diamond engagement ring is perfect as the sapphires add a subtle pop of color and you don’t have to worry about the durability of the gemstones as they are securely channel-set.

Another option for adding color to your ring finger is with a colorful gemstone band.  This pink sapphire and diamond half eternity band can work as a stacking ring or a pretty wedding band.

But if your heart is set on a colorful center stone engagement ring, we recommend a fancy colored diamond engagement ring. Diamonds are available in many beautiful, vivid shades. We are partial towards golden, glowing yellow diamonds. We have a separate search for fancy colored diamonds to make your diamond search easier. In this search, you can find diamonds in shades like yellow, pink and even green!

This yellow diamond engagement ring is from our signature Cinora collection of engagement rings. It features a beautiful pear cut yellow center diamond.

 Talk to our jewelry advisors on 1-866-522-2539 to understand which engagement ring trend will be a good, lasting choice for you.

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