Wednesday 25 November 2015

How to Choose Jewelry for Thanksgiving and Fall

Autumn brings thoughts of Thanksgiving and is a wonderful time to gather with family and friends over good food. Thanksgiving dinner officially marks the start of the holidays, and the entertaining that goes along with it.  If you want to stand out from the crowd when you will attend and host holiday dinners and parties, don’t forget to update your jewelry to compliment your fall wardrobe.

Here are some great ideas to maximize your holiday look:

Cardigan and Statement Necklace
Warm cardigans are a wonderful and practical choice for the season. You can pair your cardigans with a statement necklace to complete your Thanksgiving outfit. Choose a bold necklace such a gold Byzantine link necklace as Thanksgiving jewelry. The gorgeous color and strong look of this necklace is perfect for the season that has a lot of shades of red, orange and gold.

Another choice for Thanksgiving jewelry is a statement bold chain gold necklace. An interlinked necklace will also beautifully complete a classic cardigan. This Thanksgiving outfit is very versatile as you can wear the cardigan in many ways. You can pair it skinny jeans or tights and boots. Choose a cardigan in a solid shade such as deep brown or maroon as these shades will accentuate your gold jewelry.

Bold Colors or Print with Classic Jewelry
If you have chosen a bold outfit, keep your Thanksgiving jewelry classic and simple. Gorgeous outfits such as sweater dresses in bold color or oversized knit sweaters are perfect for fall. These outfits should be paired with classic Thanksgiving jewelry such diamond studs.

Another great choice for Thanksgiving jewelry is a simple yet stunning diamond solitaire pendant on a long chain. This necklace is versatile enough to be paired with a dress or sweater and a skirt. Opt for fall jewelry set in yellow gold as the golden tone will go perfectly with all your fall wardrobe. 

How to choose Fall Jewelry
As Thanksgiving is officially the beginning of the holiday season, you will find many amazing deals on diamond and gold accessories that will make perfect fall jewelry. Check online diamond retailers along with brick and mortar stores as they offer good discounts around this time of the year. Choose a retailer that will let you customize your jewelry such as choosing the right setting and metal along with the stone to buy perfect Thanksgiving jewelry that you will love.

Look your best for Thanksgiving dinner with these ideas.


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