Friday 20 November 2015

The Second Biggest Diamond Discovered After A Century, Weighs a Whopping 1,111 Carat

Lucara, a Canadian mining company claims to have discovered the world's second-largest diamond in Botswana. This 1,111-carat diamond is considered to be the rarest and most purest stone to be discovered in more than a century.

The giant magnificent stone is yet to be evaluated however mining analyst have predicted that the stone had "the potential to be one very expensive diamond." The valuation will be done based on the optimal cut, shape and color. And depending on the potential inclusions the diamond will be appraised prior to bidding.

In addition to the fact that the diamond measures an incredible 65mm x 56mm x 40mm, makes the stone an incredibly rare find.

This historic diamond recovery has positioned Lucara amongst a select number of truly exceptional diamond producers. The company has yet to decide how to sell the stone, however the diamond will be auctioned once it has been prepared for sale.


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