Wednesday 28 September 2016

Ideas for the Wedding Day Gift Exchange: Part 1 - For the Bride

A new practice that we're seeing a lot of these days is the wedding day gift exchange between the bride and the groom. It’s a sweet romantic gesture and we at B2C Jewels love this new tradition. The gifts are exchanged before the newlyweds-to-be see each other at the ceremony. We like this sentimental token on the wedding day. Brides and grooms often get swept up in the wedding planning and this gift exchange lets them take a moment to remember why they're doing this in the first place – because of the bond and the love they share. Here are some gift ideas for the bride on the wedding day.

1. Wedding Day Jewelry

Gifting the bride something she can wear on the wedding day is a thoughtful and a very romantic gesture. But, a word of caution: check with her maid of honor or her mother first. She has definitely planned her wedding day look carefully so be sure to choose something that will complement her dress and the rest of the accessories. Surprising her with jewelry to wear on the wedding day may be risky but the payoff is huge! She will always cherish that gift and she'll always remember that feeling of delight whenever she wears the jewelry.

The diamond key necklace and the gold necklace are something she can wear everyday after the wedding. While the Amethyst earrings and the Pear diamond halo earrings are something she can reserve for special occasions and anniversaries.

2. Something Personalized

If you're not sure whether jewelry will make  good gift for your bride-to-be on the wedding day, a personalized token is a great alternative. Many online stores personalize a whole range of gifts from key chains to wallets. Choose something that has special meaning to the two of you. Do you travel often or are the two of you planning to travel? How about a compass? You can pick a vintage one from an antique store and have it engraved. If your partner keeps a journal, a leather-bound journal with her initials embossed on it makes a wonderful gift for the wedding day.

3. Champagne and Flowers

Flowers and champagne is a classic gift and it's perfect as a wedding gift for your bride. A bouquet of her favorite flowers along with champagne for her and her bridesmaid sent to her suite as she gets ready for the wedding – this gesture is thoughtful and she will love you for it. Your partner doesn't want to indulge before the wedding? No problem, you can have coffee delivered to her from her favorite barista. Whether it's champagne or coffee, be sure to send a note telling her you can't wait to see her walk down the aisle.

4. Notes

Can't think of anything to give your bride-to-be? A simple "I love you" goes a long way. Write her a note telling her why she's special to you and how this adventure you're going to embark on together is going to be wonderful. Make sure it's a handwritten note. You can have the note delivered to her with flowers or you can add it somewhere unexpected and original – like the bottom of her shoe. If it's a small note, have it embroidered on a hankie (so she can wipe tears of joy). 

5. After the Wedding
The wedding day gift can be something the two of you can do together after the wedding. The whole wedding planning experience can get stressful on the two of you so how about something to de-stress the two of you. How about a gift card for a couples massage after the wedding? Do the two of you love to cook? You can sign up for cooking classes. 

The idea of the wedding day gift exchange is to make her feel special right before you take the plunge. Choose thoughtful gifts for your wife-to-be with these ideas. 


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