Friday 7 October 2016

Ideas for the Wedding Day Gift Exchange: Part 2 - For the Groom

Make your groom feel special on the big day by sending him a thoughtful gift. Check our post on gifts for the bride on the wedding day for ideas on what to give the bride. In this post, we'll talk about gifts that are perfect for the groom.

1. Wedding Day Bling

We love the idea of giving the groom a watch, cufflinks or jewelry that he can wear on the day of the wedding. Although, you may want to check what is he planning to wear and make sure your gift goes with the rest of his outfit. For example, if he is planning on wearing his grandfather's watch, a family heirloom, on the wedding day, you may want to skip the watch and stick to subtle cufflinks. But, if you do decide to give him a watch, we recommend having it engraved with a message or simply the wedding date. This gift is a classic for a reason. It is thoughtful and practical because everyone needs a nice watch! You can even add a little note that says: See you at __ (the time of your wedding ceremony). Other gifts that perfect as wedding day gifts for the groom include cufflinks, bracelets for men, wallets, money clips. We have plenty of gifts for him that would be perfect for the big day.

2. For His Inner Geek / Sports Fan

Remind him that getting married doesn't mean giving up on fun! A signed copy of his favorite movie's poster, a collector's item from his favorite movie or a signed baseball – these are all great ideas. Just be sure to include a note to let him know that you love him for all that he is – a nerd or a sports fan.  

3. Something for Him and His Buddies

Champagne is not reserved for the ladies! Go ahead and send your man some champagne to sip on as he gets ready for the wedding. It may help to calm his nerves before the ceremony. If champagne is not really his style, you can choose craft beer or whiskey. To keep the morning before the wedding alcohol-free, you can send him coffee or candy. Sending him his favorite candy or vintage candy is a very sweet gesture and it sets a fun tone for the big day. Whatever you choose, be sure to send enough bubbly or beer or candy for him and the groomsmen. They'll love you for it and he'll appreciate how you thought of his friends. 

4. Little Love Notes

Not sure what to give him? A heartfelt note is always a great gift. A simple note sent with the champagne is a good idea or you have deliver the note in an unexpected way. A simple "I love you" embroidered on the inside of his tie or his pocket square are sweet gestures that he will surely appreciate.

5. After the Big Day 

Let him know that the fun doesn't end at the wedding! Buy tickets to a game he really wants to go. Show him that you can have fun together after the wedding. Does he love his wine? How about a guided tour of a nearby winery. There are so many experiences that you can sign up for, from couples' massages to couples' cooking classes. These experiences are also a great way to de-stress after the hectic wedding planning. 


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