Tuesday 8 November 2016

Wedding Brunch Ideas

Whether you want a budget-friendly celebration or wish for a small, intimate wedding with only close family and friends, having a wedding brunch is really catching on with young couples. The fun part is that the rules of a traditional reception don't apply to a wedding brunch. So, you can customize the ceremony, rituals and the menu based on how you want your special day to be. Here are some cool ideas to consider if you're keen on hosting a wedding brunch. (A daytime wedding brunch may also be a great idea for chilly fall or winter weddings.)

The Dress
While tastes in wedding dresses are personal, tea-length dresses or shorter dresses are just perfect for brunch-time nuptials. You don't even have to go shopping at a bridal store! You may just find the dress of your dreams at your favorite retailer. We do love lace dresses and vintage dresses for the romance factor. Since, it's a day wedding you can add a bit of color with perhaps, heels in a bright shade.

The jewelry
We're a fan of subtle jewelry for a day wedding and a brunch reception. Beautiful diamond studs or halo diamond earrings have just the right amount of subtle sparkle to brighten your big day. These halo earrings are set in white gold with traditional round brilliant stones.

We also love fancy shapes like sparkling pear halo earrings. They're perfect for adding a sweet, romantic touch to the brunch celebrations. You can even design your own custom diamond studs so everything is just perfect for your wedding brunch

A bit of color would be a lovely addition to your wedding wardrobe. We love gemstone and diamond jewelry for adding a bit of lively color to a daytime wedding. This diamond and emerald tennis bracelet is set in 14K gold so it's ideal for everyday use after the wedding. It is important to choose wedding day jewelry that you can later add to your wardrobe.

A necklace can also be a wonderful accessory with the right neckline. This sweet starburst halo ruby pendant adds a romantic appeal that is so wonderful for a wedding wardrobe.

The Location
You can save on the location as most venues offer discount pricing for afternoon venue rentals. Choose a location that doesn't need much decoration like a vineyard. You can forgo the flowers all together if the location is full of natural beauty.  

The Food
As it's a casual event, you can have a buffet serving all your favorite food. It's your day! It can be as fun or formal as you want it to be. How about guests sample doughnuts from your favorite bakery rather than a traditional cake? We do love a coffee and hot cocoa station for a fall or winter wedding. You can make it a DIY station so guests can fix their own drinks. Another idea for a make-your-own-drink station that is very popular at wedding brunches is a mimosa bar. These fruity cocktails are perfectly light for the day time.  

Have a wonderful brunch celebration with these ideas.


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