Tuesday 8 November 2016

What to Wear: Winter Wedding Guest Edition

Although not as popular as spring and summer celebrations, winter wedding have their own charm. But, you're not sure what to wear to one? We're here to help.

1. Long dresses
Long sweeping dresses are a great choice to beat the winter chill. We love the ombre dress trend and ombre dress in winter shades like gray, teal and blue would be perfect for a winter wedding. Pair your dress with boots and a well-cut jacket and you're ready for the evening.

2. Long skirts
2016 has seen a lot of trendy brides ditch the dress for a flowy skirt. You can follow the trend and pair a fitted turtleneck or with a long skirt. A knitwear top or even a fitted sweater can be paired with the right skirt.

3. Winter accessories
A striking winter coat and gorgeous boots can transform a simple outfit into chic. Invest in a few pieces that you can wear for years to come.

4. Color Palette
While we love the shades of blues and whites that are popular for the season, unexpected shades can add plenty of style to your winter wardrobe. Bold accessories like a coat in mustard yellow, a red sweater paired with a long skirt or a dress in a rich burgundy hue are all very stylish choices for winter weddings.

5. Glitter and Metallics
A wonderful thing about winter weddings is the freedom to wear sequins! A tasteful sequined skirt paired with a simple black top and black tights is a very chic outfit for a winter wedding set at dusk.  

6. Necklaces and Pendants
We absolutely love statement necklaces and pendants for winter wedding guests. Whether you decided to wear the long dress or a fitted sweater with a long skirt, a necklace is the best accessory. Add a necklace or two to your wardrobe and you'll never have to worry about what to wear to a wedding. Let's take a look at some fabulous necklaces in our collection that will make you a very stylish guest.

This gold necklace is perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to your winter wardrobe. We love the textural details along with the playful circles and hoops of this necklace. It comes with a 18 inch chain but you can add it to a longer chain for some added drama. The pendant would perfectly complement dresses or fitted tops.

For something a little subtle and feminine, our Diamond Studded Circle Pendant is a lovely choice. Pair this necklace with our custom-made diamond studs and you're all set for the winter wedding.

7. Bracelets

When you need subtle sparkle, bracelets are just what you need. Diamond and pearl bracelets are a popular choice but consider gemstone bracelets to add a pop of color to your winter wardrobe.

Be a stylish wedding guest with these ideas.



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