Wednesday 24 January 2018

Is it too early for Valentine's Day?

I know what you're thinking—Yes! It is TOO early for Valentine's Day. But hear me out. If you want to celebrate your best Valentine's Day yet, a little planning in advance is all you need. Let's get started? You need three important things to have a great Valentine's Day.

Number 1: The Date 
This is step one because your whole day (and your relationship) depends on this decision! No Pressure though—we'll help you out. Now, dinner at her favorite restaurant or a nice one is a classic. But, a lot of other people will have the same plan. So, book right now! See what we mean by planning?

If you want to do something different this Valentine's Day, we have some ideas. Outdoorsy couples living in warmer climes are in luck because a Valentine's Day picnic in the park or a hike are great alternatives to dinner in a restaurant. What about people who are not so lucky? May we suggest a well-planned dinner at home? The stress is on well-planned. You can't cook? Order in or better yet watch one of those videos for beginner cooks that show you how to make date night food. Planning the menu, learning how to set a table, shopping for groceries, all the while being a responsible adult who has a job takes time, ok? So, start planning from today!

Number 2: The Gift
I have to plan a date and pick a gift too? Yes, you have to. But, we make it easy for you. We have one word for you—diamonds! Beautiful diamond jewelry is a lot more affordable than you think. Don't believe us? Take a look at this chic diamond bar necklace. You can check other pendants here. Also, this is a gift that will outlast flowers and candy.

Number 3: The Attitude
The right attitude makes all the difference between having a great Valentine's Day and a terrible one. Plan this day and pick a thoughtful gift because you love your partner and want to spend time together and not because that's what everyone says you have to do. A positive attitude will also help you plan better. Something didn't go as you planned? No tables available at your go-to restaurant? Anticipate these little hick-ups and don't let them come in your way of having your best Valentine's Day yet.

Happy Planning!

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