Friday 19 January 2018

Say Yes at the Taj Mahal

If travelers made a list of countries they have always wanted to go, India would be in the top five! And that was exactly how our team felt when we polled them about top proposal spots around the world. They picked the Taj Mahal and we couldn't agree more. Here are some details you need to know before you start planning your trip to Agra, the city of the Taj Mahal.

While doing our research, we did watch a lot of videos where people did propose at the famous spot right in front of the Taj by the pond. But, that spot does get crowded. So, if you want that iconic spot, we recommend getting there early. People line up to get their pictures taken there so figure that in while planning your proposal.

We recommend Mehtab Bagh which translates into Moonlight Garden (dreamy sigh). It is north of the Taj Mahal, so a 20 minute drive should take you there. (But do account for traffic which we hear can get crazy in Agra) The gardens are on the opposite side of the river and they perfectly aligned with the Taj Mahal so you'll get a great backdrop for the proposal. Bonus: She won't be suspicious if you want to shoot a video because who wouldn't want a video of a magical sunset at the Taj Mahal?

You can explore the Taj Mahal and the surrounding complex during the day and ahead over to Mehtab Bagh to catch the sun setting down on the Taj Mahal. Do try to get there in time so you can stake out a prime spot to set up your camera. And as the sun starts to set, that's when you pull off the proposal you have been practicing for!

If you have been reading our series of destination proposals (and we recommend you do - check Paris, Rio De Janeiro and The Giza Pyramids), we are big fans of planning in advance. Besides travel and stay, buy the tickets for the entry to the Taj Mahal complex a day early. And, heads up! There's a security check at the complex so keep that ring hidden! If you keep all these things in mind, you will get your dream proposal. Happy Planning.

Location: New York, NY, USA


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