Monday 4 June 2018

1 Dress - 5 Weddings

The wedding season is upon us! There'll be bridal showers, brunch weddings, beach weddings and some formal events to attend. Thinking about what you're going to wear? What if we tell you that you don't need a whole new wardrobe for this? Just one dress and a couple of accessories are all you need! Let's get started.

The Dress

You have to choose a simple dress with a flattering silhouette and a hemline you're comfortable with. We like summer-y dresses in cute colors or floral dresses like these. The beauty of the floral dress is that it can become your wedding wardrobe staple in the summer.

Once you have the dress, let's get started on the different looks!

Look 1: Fancy Traditional Wedding
This look is perfect for church weddings followed by a reception in a banquet hall or a country club. A well-fitted jacket or cardigan makes this outfit come together. Find a jacket or cardigan in a nice color and complement it with matching shoes. It can be in neutral shades like white, beige or even a printed jacket will do. The last thing you need to put this outfit together is dangling earrings. These gorgeous diamond earrings from our new Cinora collection fit the bill.

Look 2: Beach Wedding
There will be at least one beach wedding in your list of summer events. They are a lot of fun but you have to plan your wardrobe carefully to enjoy your day on the beach. The first step is obviously - the shoes! Heels are out, flats are in. You'll find a lot of pretty options. We love bejeweled flats. They are great to look at and easy to walk around. Sunglasses and a hat are beach wedding essentials. To complete this look, we picked colorful gemstone jewelry. The vivid color of this blue topaz pendant is perfect for the beach look and goes well with the dress.

Look 3: Outdoor Wedding

Whether it's a vineyard or somebody's backyard, outdoor weddings are super fun to attend. We suggest adding one statement-making piece to your outfit – like a fringe jacket or handbag. Keep the rest of your accessories understated like ankle boots and our custom made pear pendant.

Look 4: Pinterest Wedding

How do we describe a Pinterest wedding? Think mason jars, dream catchers and other quirky decor elements. This wedding looks like it's straight out of somebody's Pinterest board. This is a fun wedding so you should have fun with your wardrobe. Pair your dress with denim (yes, denim) jacket and rose gold jewelry. Our clover diamond earrings in rose gold are a great choice for this fun wedding. You can also choose the diamond initial necklace in rose gold because it's a great accessory to have in your wardrobe, wedding or no wedding.

Look 5: Rock-n-Roll Wedding

Ok, so this is a wedding you may or may not be invited to but we love the edgy look you can do with the same dress so we included it in this list. For this look, you'll need an awesome jacket, heels and a hat. This look is suitable for evening weddings (and isn't that when most rock-n-roll weddings happen) As for jewelry – layer color gemstone bracelets with simple bracelets.

Have a very stylish wedding season with these ideas.

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