Thursday 7 June 2018

What Does Dad Really Want To Do On Father's Day

We know some great tips to make this Father's Day the best ever. Check our advice on Father's Day gifts, Father's Day activities and more.

Family Time
Does dad travel a lot or have the kids moved out? Then, a day dedicated to family time sounds perfect. Plan activities where the whole family can have fun. A Father's Day backyard barbecue is great. You could invite the family or the neighbors and celebrate all the "dads". Another fun idea is a family picnic. With the beautiful weather, even your local park becomes a great spot for a family picnic.

Start a Father's Day Tradition
We love holiday traditions. So, just like every family has a Christmas tradition, how about a Father's Day tradition. The tradition could be bonding time with the kids like Annual Father-Daughter Fishing Day or something that involves the whole family like Father's Day Barbecue. We also love other outdoor activities that the whole family can enjoy like movie night in the backyard. It is very easy to set up a movie screen in your backyard and your family can have a fun time picking the movies to screen each year.

Let's Do Nothing
Maybe all dad needs is some downtime so how about you plan a day of doing "nothing" for him? A day of no chores, not having to fix anything and more importantly no rush to do anything or get anywhere sounds wonderful. Make it happen for him! And let him choose what he wants to do with his newly-available free time. If all he wants is catch a game on TV, then let him do that! We tend to get caught up in planning the "perfect day" when maybe all he wants to do is "nothing".

A Husband and a Father
Besides celebrating the bond of a father with his child, this day is also celebrated to honor him as a wonderful partner. Tell him how much he means to you and appreciate all the "dad' things he does. Make him feel special by spending time with him. You could take him out for dinner or a game–do something he loves.

Father's Day Gifts
We love classic Father's Day gifts like a beautiful, well-made watch or a handcrafted wallet. These are things dads need so it is very thoughtful to gift them. But, if dad already has all his essentials, we love giving hobby gifts. That game station he has had his eye on or maybe the fishing gear so he can finally take that fishing trip with his buddies. These are all gifts that show you know and care about his needs and likes.

We hope you create wonderful Father's Day memories with these ideas.
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