Friday 22 June 2018

Confusing Diamond Terms Explained - Part 2

This is Part Two of our series of Confusing Diamond Terms Explained. You can check Part 1 here.

  • Crown: The top part of a cut and polished faceted diamond or any other gemstone
  • Girdle: The narrow part between a diamond's crown and pavilion
  • Pavilion: The lower part of a cut and polished faceted diamond or any other gemstone
  • Table Facet: The top-most facet which is also often the largest facet
  • Upper girdle facets: The facets right above the girdle that extend from the edge of the girdle to the table
  • Bezel facets: The facets between the girdle and the table facet on the top part of the diamond
  • Star facets: The facets right below the table extending from the table's edge to the girdle
  • Lower girdle facets: The facets that extend from the girdle to the culet
  • Pavilion main facets: The facets between the girdle and the culet
  • Culet: It may or may not be present in a diamond. The small facet at the bottom of the diamond
  • Crown angle: The angle between the bezel facets and the girdle
  • Pavilion angle: The angle between the pavilion main facets and the girdle
  • Fire: The colorful rainbow flashes you see when a diamond moves
  • Scintillation: When the facets go dark and light as the diamond moves
  • Brightness: The white light that emerges from a diamond's internal and external reflection
  • Sparkle: The flashes of light that are seen when a diamond moves
  • Polish: The quality of the diamond's facet surfaces
  • Symmetry: The precision of a diamond's facet alignment and overall proportion
  • Proportions: The relationship between a diamond's angles and overall measurement
  • Fisheye: A gray reflection of the girdle that shows in the diamond's table facet
  • Dark upper girdles: The upper girdle facets stay dark under any lighting condition
  • Dark ring: A dark ring seen inside the table facet
  • Dark center: Dark area in the center of the table facet
  • Valleys and Hills: The scalloping you see on a girdle. The hills and valleys should be even in size and space
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