Friday 29 June 2018

Confusing Diamond Terms Explained - Part 3

This is part 3 of our diamond terms explained. Also check part 1 and part 2.

  • Diamond symmetry: The alignment of facets is called the symmetry and it is given a grade like cut.
  • GIA triple X/GIA XXX: A diamond that has been graded excellent in cut, polish and symmetry.
  • AGS 0: Diamond with cut grade "0" - the best cut grade given by the AGSL
  • AGS 000/AGS Triple 0: Diamond with "0" grade color, cut and clarity given by the AGSL - their top tiers
  • Deep Stones/Diamonds Cut Too Deep: When the depth of a diamond is relatively high compared to the diamond width.  Diamonds are often cut this way to maximize carat weight when cut from the rough and often results in poor light performance.
  • Shallow Stones/Diamonds Cut Too Shallow: When the depth of a diamond is relatively low compared to the diamond width.  It often results in poor light performance. Such diamonds are often cut this way to make them look bigger.
  • ASET: Angular Spectral Evaluation Tool. A color-coded diamond viewer which helps evaluate light performance.
  • Fluor/ Fluoro/ Fluorescence: Some diamonds may emit a glow when exposed to ultraviolet light. Depending on the intensity, GIA grades fluorescence as none, faint, medium, strong and very strong. Fluorescence does not always affect the appearance of a diamond but can at times.
  • H&A/ Heart and Arrows: It is a symmetry pattern a diamond makes when seen from a special viewer. 
  • Solitaire Engagement Ring: The solitaire ring is the most popular design of engagement rings. There is only one diamond on the band hence the name solitaire. 
  • Three Stone Engagement Ring: There are three diamonds in this ring. On either side of the center diamond, there is one diamond. These two side diamonds are usually half the carat weight of the center diamond.
  • Side Stones/Accent Diamonds: The smaller diamonds on the band of the ring are called side stones or accent diamonds. They help to add extra sparkle.
  • Shank: The band of the ring is called the shank.
  • Split Shank Ring: The band of the ring splits in to two separate, thinner bands as it approaches the center diamond.
  • Halo Engagement Ring: The center diamond is fully surrounded by accent diamonds. The halo and the center diamond give the appearance of one big stone so the diamond appears to be bigger than it is. 

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