Wednesday 1 August 2018

August Birthstone: Peridot

What Is a Peridot?
The August birthstone, peridot, is a rare green gem-quality variety of a common mineral called olivine. This mesmerizing gemstone is an idiochromatic gem, which means that its primary color comes from the mineral itself and not from any minor traces or impurities. That is why there are no variations of peridot and it is only found in its authentic color – Green. However the shades of green may vary from light yellowish green to dark brownish green. Most of the world’s supply of peridot has come from the San Carlos Reservation in Arizona. Some other sources of this gem are China, Pakistan, Africa and Myanmar. Recently, China has become the largest producer of peridot.

August babies are protected by the peridot’s good luck. The gemstone is also believed to have healing properties that guard one from nightmares and evil energies, and ensures peace, serenity and happiness in life.

Peridot: Origin and History
Gemstones are mostly formed deep under the earth’s crust but the peridot is formed even deeper down the crust in the earth’s mantle region. It is quite fascinating. The crystals of peridot are formed in magma from the upper mantle of the planet, and are brought to the earth’s surface by the tectonic movements or volcanic activity, where they are then found in extrusive igneous rocks.

The peridot’s history goes way back. This gemstone dates back to the second millennium BC. This gem is said to have originated in Egypt from the deposits on a tiny volcanic island in the Red Sea called Topazios, that’s now known as St. John’s Island or Zabargad. Ancient Egyptians believed that the gemstone protected its wearer from night terrors and called peridot the “gem of the sun”. They also believed that they stone held the power of nature, and often used it to communicate with their nature gods.

Peridot is one of the few gemstones that are found in only one color uniformly. How deep or light its color is depends on the level of its iron content. The color of a peridot looks the best under natural sunlight and its vivid green color does not alter under artificial light. A deep colored peridot is the most valuable and desirable in the industry. A great peridot has less than 15% iron and has some trace elements of nickel and chromium that adds to its beautiful green color.

The great thing about peridot is that there is an abundance of eye-clean specimens of it, with amazing transparency. If the stone is really big it may appear kind of cloudy because of the presence of impurities and inclusion. However, once cut, cleaned and polished, a peridot has a magnificent luster, color and texture.

Cut and Shape
Because a peridot is so uniformly colored and transparent it is often facetted. Tables, step cuts and sometimes unconventional checkerboards are quite popular with peridots. This gemstone can be found in fancy shapes as well as traditional shapes like round, oval, emerald and cushion.

Given its fascinating history, the peridot will make quite a conversational piece in your jewelry collection! Here are great choices from our collection:

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