Monday 6 August 2018

How to Take a Gorgeous Engagement Ring Photo for the ‘Gram

Your partner asked you to marry them, you said yes and now you’re engaged – Woo hoo! Congratulations. Now is the time to announce your dream-come-true engagement to your friends and family and show off that stunning rock that you’re wearing by posting a photo to your Instagram! Taking an engagement ring photo is a thoughtful task; some may even say it is art, Ha Ha! No, but for real – Even if you are not into the usual “duckface-selfie” or the occasional “post workout mirror-selfie”, you need to put thought into this – This one is different! I’m not saying hire a professional photographer for and invest in a photo-shoot for your social media (however you could very well choose to do that!); all I’m saying is take time with the details to get the perfect photograph of a perfect memory that you would want to remember forever. Here are some tips and tricks to get the most effortlessly (wink) beautiful engagement ring photo!

Make sure the light is just right
This is Photography 101 – Lighting! This is also Diamond 101, by the way. In jewelry stores, jewelers often take the customers to the front of the store to show their diamonds and why wouldn’t they? It’s where the sunlight seeps in, and a diamond shines its best in natural light. When taking your engagement ring photo, make sure the sun is still out. If you are outdoors find the angles where the sun is reflecting on your diamond the best and if indoors, get next to a window or in a room that’s flooded in sunlight. A dimly lit room will make your photo grainy and blurry and a fluorescent or yellow light will ruin the tone of your photography. Trust us – Natural light is the way to go!

Get your nails done
 If you haven’t ever gotten a manicure – It’s a very enjoyable, relaxing experience! If you do not want to get it done professionally you could always do it yourself. Shape your nails, clean your cuticles and maybe apply a clear polish if you are not in colored nails. If you do like a bit of color, remember to use tones that won’t distract from the awesome engagement ring that you’re wearing – think peaches, baby pinks and light blues! If you haven’t had a chance to get a manicure and you want to post a photograph right now, then apply some moisturizer on your hands and play around with the angles to frame your nails out of the photo – Hold your partner’s hand!

Find a good background
If you are taking the photo at home, make sure you make an effort and clear up the laundry. You could find a nice wooden table for contrast, or get a picture of you and your partner out-of-focus with your hand extended in the foreground. You could get an engagement related latte art, get the skyline in the shot or go to the beach! You can get really creative with this.

Take many photos and remember the filters
The perfect photo is next. Make sure you take many photographs and upload the one with the perfect light and angle. Don’t get stressed about it – Even if all else fails, there is always a nice filter that can fix it!
We hope this is the start to many fun photo-shoots with your significant other!
Location: New York, NY, USA


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