Wednesday 10 October 2018

5 Fun Ways to Make This Your Best Halloween Ever

Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays in the country, right after Christmas. It's a fun holiday for the kids as well as grown-ups. But, if you're not so keen on the store-bought candy, tacky decorations and the same old bar scene, here are some ideas to celebrate the spooky day.

Horror Movie Drive-In
Everyone loves watching horror movies on Halloween so how about invite the whole neighborhood for a horror movie marathon? Set up a projector in your yard and invite your neighbors for a frightful night. If there are going to be kids at the event, choose your movie playlist wisely. You may want to check with your local authorities before doing this though. If a drive-in is not possible for the whole neighborhood. You can definitely host one for your friends. Clear away the furniture in the living room, lay down blankets for everyone and set up the projector. You don't need much to host a successful party. Get plenty of popcorn, some snacks and you're set!

Host a Pet Halloween Costume Contest
The contest for the best costume for Halloween is a time-honored tradition. So, how about include your pets on the fun too. Many proud pet owners dress up their furry buddies for Halloween so it can be a lot of fun to host this contest. You could hold the 'contest' at the local dog park and give out treats for the winner.

Make Your Candy at Home
Making candy at home is a great idea, if you're trying to eat healthy or if you don't want your kids to have all that sugar. But, is there such a thing as healthy Halloween candy? Well, let's call it healthier. When you make sweet treats at home, you can control what goes in them. Copycat recipes of popular candy are a better alternative than the store-bought ones.

Incorporate plenty of fruits in your candy recipes. Instead of caramel apples, how about dark chocolate apples. Apples are available a plenty around this time of the year and dark chocolate is a much better option than caramel. You can use nuts and seeds as toppings for your dark chocolate apples. Desserts made with fall flavors like pumpkin pie pops or pumpkin spice cookies make much better options that sugary candy.

Keep Your Decorations Elegant
Hate the over-the-top decorations that flood the stores this time of the year? You can keep the decorations subtle and yet spooky. A great look for subtle Halloween is all-white. White candles on tall candelabras, white pumpkins and floating white 'ghost' made with cheesecloth make a great haunted mansion. Another idea is subtle decorations that you can make at home with things you probably have around the house. A simple banner that says 'Boo' or  'Trick or Treat' made with black construction paper is a great low-key decoration.

Host Your Own Halloween Bash
Are the Halloween celebrations at local bars the same old? You can host your own bash! Keep the theme of the celebration simple and elegant. Ask all your guests to dress as vampires. (This will go really well with the haunted mansion decor) or have a simple theme like masks. You don't have to go with the same old Halloween drinks like orange Jelly shots. Keep things elegant with one drink like a Bloody Mary.

Have a very happy Halloween with these ideas.  
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