Thursday 11 October 2018

How to be a Stylish Fall Wedding Guest

Fall weddings are the best - they're not too hot like summer but they aren't too cold either. You can have a lot of fun dressing for fall weddings. Here are our top picks for being a stylish wedding guest.

Color Palette
Be inspired by the rich fall foliage and opt for beautiful autumnal hues to be a stylish wedding guest. You can also choose dresses with bold fall-themed prints. Floral prints in deep rust and purples can be quite stylish for fall weddings. Whimsical patterns such as butterflies or berries are also appropriate for casual weddings. Besides the popular reds and oranges, consider dresses in purple, wine and burgundy. You can add a touch of metallic with rose gold jewelry or glittery gold shoes.

Wedding guest often wonder about wearing white or black. White continues to be big NO. White is reserved for the bride, unless specifically asked to wear white. Black on the other hand, is gaining acceptance at weddings. Just make sure your outfit isn't head to toe black. A black lace dress with a floral jacket and colorful shoes makes a good fall wedding outfit.

Autumnal Chill
As for the chill, be prepared with the right coat or jacket or even an elegant pashmina. Layering can be beautifully done when you mix and match the right pieces. Even a slip dress in a rich autumnal hue can be paired with an evening jacket to make for a stylish outfit. The key is go for tailored coats, jackets and blazers to keep a sharp silhouette.

Make Your Own Rules
We're firm believers of dressing up simple pieces you already have in your wardrobe to create a stunning outfit. You can match a simple white shirt or top with a bold skirt. If the wedding is going to be held outdoors, you can opt for boots to counter the chill. Accessories and jewelry can go a long way in putting together a gorgeous outfit for a fall wedding.

Here are some wonderful accessories for fall weddings that can also be a part of your everyday wardrobe:

Rose Gold
We're a big fan of rose gold and it looks especially good with fall wardrobe.

This floating heart rose gold pendant is perfect for adding subtle sparkle to a fall outfit.

Yellow Gold
Yellow gold is making a comeback and we're not complaining.

This wishbone necklace would make a playful accent for your fall wedding outfit.

The vibrant colors of gemstone jewelry goes very well with the hues of fall weddings.
This Citrine Cabochon Cushion Cut Gemstone And Diamond Ring would make a lovely right hand ring for a fall wedding.
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